IPC and the PCBAA Urge Congress to Fully Fund and Invigorate Domestic PCB Industry

IPC joined with the Printed Circuit Board Association of America (PCBAA) to deliver a letter to Congress today that was signed by 54 member companies. The impactful letter called on Congress to fully fund the Defense Production Act Purchases Account at the House-passed level of $618 million and $1.08 billion for the Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment program.  

IPC and PCBAA advocated for the Presidential Determination declaring printed circuit boards (PCBs) as a critical defense industrial base need, qualifying the industry for investment from the Defense Production Act program. As Congress negotiates full year funding by the March 8 deadline, Congress needs to fulfill the Presidential Determination for Printed Circuit Boards and Substrates by fully funding the Defense Production Act Purchases account at the higher, House-passed level of $618.6 million.

PCBs are central to all electronics across all industries including defense, healthcare, telecommunications, aviation, and automotive. U.S. armed forces depend on PCBs found in everything from night vision goggles and drones to avionics and satellites.

The success of the United States' strategic investments like the CHIPS and Science Act hinge on advanced printed circuit boards. Unfortunately, the U.S. lags behind in PCB production, jeopardizing our investments. The Defense Production Act Purchases program has started presenting awards using funds from prior years. However, without complete funding, it cannot proceed with additional essential investments in the PCB industry, as identified by the President and multiple U.S. government supply chain reviews. 

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