Introducing IPC E-Textiles Exchange on IPC EDGE

IPC President's Message, November 2020

John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO, introduces IPC E-Textiles Exchange on IPC EDGE, IPC’s online learning platform, to provide an international forum for on-demand education, standards development, and collaboration in the fields of electronics and e-textiles.


Hi. I’m John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO. 

Welcome to an exciting new community at IPC, the IPC E-Textiles Exchange. 

IPC created the E-Textiles Exchange on IPC EDGE, our online learning platform, to provide an international forum for on-demand education, standards development, and collaboration in this rapidly expanding field. 

When members of the e-textiles industry approached IPC in 2017, they were on the verge of incredible growth, but needed help developing international standards, ensuring the reliability of products, and sharing technological advancements. 

IPC jumped at the opportunity to support this exciting industry. After all, you can’t make e-textiles without electronics. Whether you have been working in e-textiles for some time, or if you are an electrical engineer or product developer with e-textiles on your roadmap, there is something here for you. For instance, where else can we find out what goes into making an e-textiles-based shark-resistant suit and why it’s better than shark juice? Yes, shark juice. That video presentation by Matt Kolmes, Volt Smart Yarns, is just one example of the wide range of innovative topics you will find on this site now and in the months to come.

The IPC E-Textiles Exchange supports the textiles and electronics industries in the following ways:

  • Provides the opportunity to learn about the latest technical innovations and business insights for the e-textiles industry through video presentations and Deeper Dive Q&As featuring subject matter experts from around the world
  • Encourages collaboration and contribution in the development of standards
  • Features an open forum to discuss all aspects of the e-textiles industry
  • The IPC E-Textiles Exchange is free and open to anyone, so please share the site with your colleagues, and we hope you will also consider doing your own presentation for the site.

Wondering how electronics and textiles work together? Curious about soft systems? Intrigued by what it takes to make a shark-resistant product? Maybe you want to know how the supply chain has evolved to include e-textiles? These subjects and many more are covered in the IPC E-Textiles Exchange.

The Exchange is a community created for the e-textiles industry by the e-textiles industry. We encourage your involvement, contributions, and ideas.  This is an exciting time for the e-textiles industry and for IPC, as we come together to advance your field and to help you to build electronics better.
If you have a topic you would like to share with the community or if you would like information on how to participate in our e-textiles standards activities, email or leave a comment in the community forum.

Thank you.