in4ma Releases Annual Analysis of European EMS Industry

in4ma’s 2020 European EMS industry report, published last week, shows that EMS revenue in Europe decreased by 5.4 percent in 2020. The survey and subsequent report, led by in4ma CEO Dieter Weiss, includes detailed information from nearly 200 EMS companies, a 20 percent increase in participation from 2019.

On an annual basis, EMS companies in Europe report their numbers into in4ma’s market survey. Evaluations are done by country as well as by market segment. In addition to EMS revenue decreasing in Europe, key takeaways from the report include:

  • 69% of EMS companies surveyed experienced a revenue decrease from 2019 to 2020
  • EMS revenue loss was correlated with exposure to the auto industry supply chain, though some companies with high auto industry exposure did see revenue increases
  • Larger EMS companies experienced a V-shaped recovery in the second half of 2020, whereas medium and small EMS companies experienced a U-shaped recovery (see note below on the definitions of recovery)  
  • EMS revenue in Europe is forecasted to increase by 6.5% in 2021

The full report can be purchased directly from in4ma. Please contact Mr. Weiss at for additional information.

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Note: V-shaped is defined as a sharp decline, short bottoming out period at about minus 4.5%, and a sharp increase, in general, over a shorter period of time. U-shaped is defined as a slower decline, but deeper bottoming out period of more than 9%, lasting longer, and a slower increase. In general, the U-shaped cycle is twice as long as the V-shaped cycle.