EU Skills Strategy – Developing Advanced Workforce Skills in Microelectronics

Electronics is an essential component of virtually all aspects of our daily lives. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are entering an era of connected intelligence that will make new demands on microelectronics technology. That is why it is critically important to develop within Europe advanced workforce skills related to the design and manufacturing of microelectronics. The microelectronics sector in Europe is responsible for directly 200,000 and indirectly 1,000,000 high-skilled jobs and the demand for new skills is unceasing.

A presentation developed by IPC consultant and member of IPC’s Thought Leaders program, Olivier Coulon, DECISION Etudes & Conseil, summarizes the of METIS (MicroElectronics Training Industry and Skills) Strategy which identifies the skills required for Europe to lead in the microelectronics sector. METIS was launched in November 2019 as a Sector Skills Alliance on Microelectronics to bridge the skills gap in microelectronics for a more competitive Europe and to pave the way for EU leadership in data driven technologies, enhancing high-skilled labor supply, addressing emerging skills needs and identifying jobs of the future in the era of connected intelligence. Read METIS presentation summary: