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Individuals or companies are invited to submit a comment to IPC on standards improvement via the Standards Improvement form, found on the right. The purpose of this form is to provide the appropriate technical committee of IPC with input from the industry regarding recommendations for published standards or work in progress on new or revisions of standards being worked on. Complete the form on the right and just click on the submit button, a tech staff person will be in touch if there are any questions.

Your technical expertise and comments are critical to the development of IPC standards that cover areas of supply, design, manufacture of boards and finished assemblies. We are continually looking for ways to improve current standards but we are also looking for what might be that next standard the industry. Every idea or comment goes through a rigorous process to meet the criteria for potential standards development for the industry. Once accepted a project is established and the great work of the industry committees starts. 

IPC encourages and welcomes individuals from the global electronics industry to submit their ideas or to request to be added to a ballot group as part of the standards development process. 

If you are located in Asia Pacific Market - 

IPC members in China and Asia are invited to participate through TGAsia Forum, our e-mail forum for discussion of standards development. 

IPC Standardization Procedures - provides processes, structure and ANSI policy in developing standards for the electronics industry 

Status of Standardization

IPC-A-610J March 2024 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies
IPC-J-STD-001J-Redline March 2024 Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies - Redline
J-STD-001J March 2024 Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies
J-STD-005B March 2024 Requirements for Soldering Pastes
IPC-6012FS February 2024 Space and Military Avionics Application Addendum to IPC-6012F, Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards
IPC-4922 January 2024 Requirements for Sintering Materials for Electronics Assembly
IPC-7711/21D January 2024 Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies
No entries available.
IPC-2294 Design Standard for Printed Electronics on Rigid Substrates
IPC-4105 Specification for Metal Base Copper Clad laminates for Rigid Printed Boards
IPC-4556A Specification for Electroless Nickel/Electroless Palladium/ Immersion Gold (ENEPIG) Plating for Printed Boards
IPC-6904 Qualification and Performance Specifications for Printed Electronics on Rigid Substrates
IPC-7095E Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs)
IPC-7530B Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering Processes (Reflow & Wave)
IPC-8401 Guidelines for In-Mold Electronics
IPC-9691C User Guide for the IPC-TM-650, Method 2.6.25 Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF) Resistance and Other Internal Electrochemical Migration Testing
IPC-HERMES-9852 Version 1.6 The Global Standard for Machine-to-Machine Communication in SMT Assembly
J-STD-609C Marking and Labeling of Components, PCBs and PCBAs to Identify Lead (Pb), Lead-Free (Pb-free) and Other Attributes
IPC-1602A Standard for Printed Board Handling and Storage
IPC-1753 WAM2 Laboratory Report Standard
IPC-4203C Cover and Bonding Material for Flexible Printed Circuitry
IPC-6018D Amendment 1 Qualification and Performance Specification for High Frequency (Microwave) Printed Boards
IPC-7527A Requirements for Solder Paste Application
IPC-8981 Quality and Reliability of E-Textiles Wearables
IPC-A-630A Acceptability Standard for Manufacture, Inspection, and Testing of Electronic Enclosures
IPC-J-STD-002F Solderability Tests for Component Leads, Terminations, Lugs, Terminals and Wires
J-STD-001JS Space and Military Applications Electronic Hardware Addendum to IPC J-STD-001J Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies
IPC-1602A Standard for Printed Board Handling and Storage
IPC-1753A Laboratory Report Standard
IPC-1783 International Standard for Component-Level Authentication (CLA)
IPC-2223F Sectional Design Standard for Flexible/Rigid-Flexible Printed Boards
IPC-2553 Global Standard for Digital Sustainability Credentials
IPC-2591 v 2.0 Connected Factory Exchange (CFX), Version 2.0
IPC-4101F Specifications for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards
IPC-6011A Generic Performance Specification for Printed Boards
IPC-6905 Qualification and Performance Specification for Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME)
IPC-6921 有机封装基板的要求与验收 Requirements and Acceptance Specification for Organic IC Substrate
IPC-7077 Requirements and Acceptance of Wire Bonding in the Microelectronic Assembly
IPC-7251 Generic Requirements for Through-Hole Design and Land Pattern Standard
IPC-7621A Guideline for Design, Material Selection and General Application of Encapsulation of Electronic Circuit Assembly by Low Pressure Molding with Thermoplastics
IPC-8921A Requirements for Woven, Knitted and Braided Electronic Textiles (E-Textiles) Integrated with Conductive Yarns and/or Wires
IPC-8922 Qualification and Performance Specification for Printed Electronics on Coated or Treated Textiles and E-Textiles
IPC-8953 Design Standard for Embroidered E-Textiles
IPC-8961 Guideline on E-Textiles Wearables
IPC-9242 Guidelines for Microsection Evaluation
IPC-9716 Requirements for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Process Control for Printed Board Assemblies
IPC-A-600M Acceptability of Printed Boards
IPC-HDBK-005A Guide to Solder Paste Assessment
IPC-SM-840F Qualification and Performance Specification of Permanent Solder Mask and Flexible Cover Materials
IPC-T-50P Terms and Definitions for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits
IPC/JPCA-8911 Requirements for Conductive Yarns for E-Textiles Applications
IPC-2201 Requirements for Physics of Failure Analysis for Components and Assemblies
IPC-2611A Generic Requirements for Electronic Product Documentation
IPC-2612-1A Sectional Requirements for Electronic Diagramming Symbol Generation Methodology
IPC-2612A Sectional Requirements for Electronic Diagramming Documentation (Schematic and Logic Descriptions)
IPC-4204C Flexible Metal-Clad Dielectrics for Use in Fabrication of Flexible Printed Boards
IPC-4557 Specification for Electrolytically Deposited Nickel/Gold Surface Finish for Printed Board Applications
IPC-6911 Acceptability of Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME)
IPC-6931 Requirements and Acceptance of Optical Module Printed Boards
IPC-7070 Guidelines for Printed Board Component Mounting
IPC-9205 Evaluating Electrochemical Performance of Electronics Manufacturing Materials and Processes
IPC-CC-830D IPC-CC-830D Qualification and Performance of Electrical Insulating Compound for Printed Wiring Assemblies
IPC-HDBK-001A Handbook and Guide to Supplement J-STD-001G and J-STD-001G - Revision A
IPC-HDBK-850A Guidelines for Design, Selection and Application of Potting Materials and EncapsulationProcesses Used for Electronics Printed Circuit Board Assembly
IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033E Handling, Packing, Shipping and Use of Moisture, Reflow, and Process Sensitive Devices
IPC/JEDEC J-STD-609C Marking, Symbols, and Labels of Leaded and Lead-Free Terminal Finished Materials Used in Electronic Assembly
J-STD-001JA/IPC-A-610JA Automotive Addendum to IPC J-STD-001J Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies and IPC-A-610J Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies
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