IPC-6012 Training and Certification Program

Creating Excellence in Electronics Assembly

The IPC-6012D standard Establishes and defines the qualification and performance requirements for the fabrication of rigid printed boards.
IPC received hundreds of requests from companies worldwide to support this critical standard with a formal training program that recognizes individuals as qualified instructors and Certified IPC specialists. Now, IPC has an industry developed and approved comprehensive training and certification program based on IPC-6012D that gives companies all the tools they need to increase employee skills and performance. With supporting images from the IPC-A-600J, the IPC-6012D program incorporates content from both standards giving the students the technical knowledge to remain highly competitive in today's market.


The IPC-6012 Technical Training Committee has developed an additional, optional CIS module to train the specialist on the differences in the requirements between the base, IPC-6012 document and the additional or changed criteria required when the IPC-6012 Space Addendum is invoked by contract.

The IPC-6012 Space criteria is contained in the CIT material. All candidates who successfully complete the IPC-6012 Certification course will be certified to deliver the optional IPC-6012D Space CIS course.

How the Certification Program Works

IPC's 6012D Training and Certification Program is built on a train-the-trainer instructional model. A company seeking to create an IPC Licensed 6012 Certified IPC Trainer sends their candidate to an IPC Licensed IPC-6012 Certification Center. The training program uses exercises as well as classroom instruction to teach the standard criteria.

IPC's 6012 Training and Certification Program provides individuals with a valuable, portable credential that recognizes their understanding of the IPC-6012. This program is offered as a service to industry, therefore its adoption is not a precondition for any company to purchase the standard or claim that they build product to its requirements.

Program Benefits

Those interested in company-wide quality assurance initiatives have an IPC-sponsored program to support their commitment to continuous operations and product improvement. IPC recognition sends a strong message to customers that your company is serious about implementing IPC-6012.

All IPC-6012 Registered Instructors receive the instructional materials for teaching the Operator Proficiency training course, including:

  • A CD-ROM with full color visuals covering all aspects of the standard and training course, student handbook files for royalty-free printing. All reports and forms required for conducting Application Specialist training are submitted via the Certification Quality Initiative (CQI) portal. More information about CQI can be found here.
  • An instructor guide (PDF format) for conducting all the Application Specialist training modules
  • All examinations for all the Certified IPC Specialist Training Modules are conducted through the use of the certification portal.
  • Copies of the IPC-6012 and the IPC-A-600.
  • A student handbook for use in the classroom portions of the course
  • All examinations for all the Certified IPC Specialist Training Modules are conducted through the use of the certification portal.

Certified IPC Specialist training materials, including student handbooks and certificates, may be purchased from IPC only by Certified IPC Trainers and the companies they represent. Certified IPC Trainers may teach the course at any location and set a training fee, if applicable.

The term for all Certified IPC Trainers is two years. Re-certification training is conducted at the Licensed Certification Centers.

Who Should Become an IPC-6012 Certified IPC Trainer?

Assembly process engineers, quality assurance supervisors, training managers and others responsible for the quality and reliability of soldered electronic assemblies are excellent candidates for the program.
Any company that uses JIPC-6012 or is considering its adoption can use the program to address the training requirement identified in the standard.

While there are no formal entrance requirements, the use of the IPC-6012 and the IPC-A-600 in parallel are encouraged. View more information on the IPC-A-600 training and certification program.

Topics Covered in the Registered Instructor Training Course

  • IPC-6012 Scope/Applicable Documents
  • Material Requirements
  • Visual Requirements
  • Dimensional and Conductor Requirements
  • Structural Integrity Requirements
  • Solder Mask, Electrical and Cleanliness
  • Special Requirements
  • Quality Assurance Provisions

Support for Training IPC-6012 Instructors and Application Specialists

  Last Updated
IPC Training and Certification Policies and Procedures 4/22/2019
Certification Portal User’s Guide 10/4/2018
IPC-6012D Training Schedule 10/26/2015
IPC-6012D Training Materials 3/25/2016
IPC-6012D Table of Contents–Printing & Sharing Authorized by IPC 9/22/2015

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How to register for the IPC-6012 Training and Certification Program

The companies listed here are IPC Licensed IPC-6012 Certification Centers. These sites control the fees and schedules for the Certified IPC Trainer training course. Some centers may bring the training to a location near you. Contact these facilities today for price and registration information. For program information, contact the Certification Help Desk* or call IPC at +1 847-597-2982.

Updates to Training Materials

Policy and Procedures – Revision 6 updated slides

The slides in the downloadable Zip files are the complete, module Policy and Procedure modules. The slides are intended to be used with revision 6 of the Policy and Procedures document.

Instructions for use:

  1. Download the files
  2. Unzip the PPT presentation
  3. Remove the existing PPT presentation from the training program
  4. Use the new, downloaded PPT presentation for presenting in training classes.

6012D with 600J Support Updated Slides

The slides in the downloadable Zip files are the updated slides only for the change from 600H support pictures to 600J support pictures.

Instructions for use:

  1. Download the files
  2. Unzip the PPT presentation
  3. Update only the slides that have changed in the existing PPT presentations.
  4. Use the updated slide deck for your training presentation..

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