What Is Electronics Manufacturing and Why Is It Important?

In good times and bad, electronics manufacturing contributes strongly to the U.S. and global economy, and to the modern way of life.

Electronic systems are at the heart of millions of products and almost every other industry today, from aerospace and defense, to automotive, information technology, telecom, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and more. They perform invaluable tasks on a reliable, 24/7 basis for families and communities across the planet.

U.S. Electronics Mfg Supports 5M Jobs, $714B in Output

An IPC-commissioned study says the industry supports more than 5.3 million total U.S. jobs and contributes $714 billion to U.S. GDP. Every U.S. electronics manufacturing job supports three other jobs in the U.S. national economy. Sixteen states led by California and Texas dominate the industry. Read the study

You Know How a Lightbulb Works, Right?

What about more complex electronic systems? The basic science is the same, and it unlocks an incredible wealth of human value from transportation to industrial systems, telecoms, IT and healthcare. This IPC video shows the value of electronics manufacturing in just 90 seconds.

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