Standards Development News Letter

Domain Standard No.
 (Team Code)
No. of Members Chairman Description Status
Automotive IPC 1771                                 7 Mr. V.R.Chakravarthy Automotive Supplier Checklist Check sheet released - November 2023
(7-36A) Ex. Continental, Bangalore
PCB Design IPC 2232                                  25 Ms. Savita.R.Ganjigatti Guideline for Printed Board Design and Manufacturing of IOT Products Under Progress, To be Published - January 2026
(6-10J) SIENNA ECAD Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
IPC 9911                                28 Mr. Anand Kumar S N Polisetty Guideline for Automotive Electronics Printed Board Thermal Management & Electronic Component Derating  Under Progress, To be Published - December 2027
(6-10K) Simpleenergy Private Ltd., Bangalore
EMS IPC-A-610                                    26 Mr. PBV Rama Murthy India Regional Task Team Ongoing team meetings
(7-31B-IND) RCMA, Hyderabad
J-STD-001                                    26 Mr. Gp. Capt. Sudarshan Jagirdar India Regional Task Team Ongoing team meetings
(5-22A-IND) Rossell Techsys, Bangalore
Wire Harness IPC/ WHMA – A- 620           22 Mr. Grp. Capt. Sudarshan Jagirdar India Regional Task Team Ongoing team meetings
(7-31F-IND) Rossell Techsys, Bangalore

Other Initiatives

Domain Chairman Description Status
Consumer Electronics Ashish J Micheal Enhancing quality in the manufacturing process of mobile & consumer electronics Under Progress, To be Published - July 2024
Jio Platform Ltd., Noida
PCB Col. Shekhar Mishra Revision of JSS standard Under Progress, To be completed - June 2024
DGQA, Bangalore




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Industry engagement on Standards Development started in India Region

IPC India has opened Standards Department to work with industry volunteers from the India region in improving IPC standards and developing new standard

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