In 2020, IPC renewed its commitment to serving the industry by expanding the scope and scale of research under a newly created IPC Industry Intelligence (i3) program.

Your go-to source for industry data, trends and thought leadership:

Industry Pulse
A new global sentiment survey monitoring the pulse of the industry with hundreds of companies participating from around the world, including a wide range of company sizes and representing the full electronics manufacturing value chain.
Economic Analysis
A snapshot on data on the economy, industrial production, capacity utilization, PCB demand, and industry employment.
Statistical Programs
Offering your company a unique source of current data on your industry and markets.
Original Research
Your source for original data and insights for smart business decisions.
Meet Shawn DuBravac, IPC's Chief Economist
Providing insights on the biggest issues facing the $2 trillion global electronics industry, including supply chain resiliency/uncertainty, trade wars, skilled workforce shortage, and the expanding role of electronics in the global economy.