Taiwan Union Technology Corporation First Company to Earn an IPC-4103 Qualified Products Listing

IPC's Validation Services Program has awarded an IPC-4103 Qualified Products Listing (QPL) to Taiwan Union Technology Corporation (TUC), an electronics materials manufacturing company headquartered in Zhubei, Hsinchu County, Taiwan. TUC provides mass lamination services, copper-clad laminates, and prepregs to the global electronics industry. To earn this QPL, TUC successfully qualified their laminate product, TU-1300N, to IPC-4103B, Specification for Base Materials for High Speed/High Frequency Applications.     

 TUC was not only the first in achieving a QPL to IPC-4103, but also earned the first QPL to IPC-4101, Specification for Base. Materials for Rigid and. Multilayer Printed Boards, more than five years ago.

TUC met or exceeded the IPCs Validation Services QPL requirements for producing materials used by printed circuit board manufacturers in the electronics industry. Thus, the company is now listed as an IPC trusted source capable of manufacturing in accordance with industry best practices. TUC and other trusted suppliers can be found on IPC's QML/QPL (Qualified Product Listing) database at www.ipcvalidation.org.

“Being a trusted supplier to IPC-4103 means that TUC has met the highest standards for production and quality in this leading-edge market,” said George Hsin, chief strategy officer of Taiwan Union Technology Corporation. “PWB suppliers made this QPL their first screen when selecting base materials for IPC-4101 and now we are a trusted supplier for IPC-4103 as well.” IPC's Validations Services QPL/QML Program was developed to promote supply chain verification. It also provides auditing and certification of electronics companies' products and identifies processes which conform to IPC standards.

“TUC has differentiated itself from the competition by becoming part of IPC's global network of trusted industry sources," said Randy Cherry, IPC director of Validation Services. "We are pleased to recognize TUC as the first world member of trusted QPL suppliers to meet IPC-4103.”

For more information about IPC's Validation Services QPL/QML Program, visit www.ipcvalidation.org or contact Randy Cherry at RandyCherry@ipc.org or +1 847-597-2806.