Frequently Asked Questions: IPC Membership

How do I become an IPC member?
To become an IPC member, you would need to complete the IPC Online Membership Application and choose the appropriate membership type. IPC membership is designed for companies not individuals. As an IPC member, companies avail benefits and participate actively in IPCs programs. Not been a member before? Get 50% off your first year.

Are there requirements for becoming an IPC member?
To qualify for a membership, you need to be part of a company. Memberships are sold to companies, not individuals. In addition, if your company has multiple locations (sites) and wishes to receive membership benefits at multiple locations, you need to register and purchase membership for each site.

What are different types of membership offered by IPC?

  • Classic MembershipIPC’s classic membership provides core benefits to all employees at a company site/location:
    • One single-user download of each new or revised IPC standard
    • Up to 50% discount on IPC standards and publications
    • Advocacy updates and events, including policy maker visits ot your location
    • Wisdom Wednesday webcast series led by industry experts
    • Significant discount on certification, education, event registration exhibiting and sponsorship
    • 24/7 online access to members-only resources
    • Brand-building tools
  • Enterprise Membership—For companies that recognize the importance of giving multiple company sites access to IPC membership benefits, the Enterprise Package provides Classic Membership to employees at all global locations, plus additional discounts, complimentary admission to bi-weekly webinars and  registration discounts for all official IPC events in North America and Europe.

How does IPC define “site” or “location” for membership?
To fairly apply site-based membership, site means one singular physical location, i.e. building. This means that a facility with two buildings across the street from one another with two different addresses are two sites.

How does IPC charge membership for a campus?
To fairly apply site-based membership, site means one singular physical location, i.e. building. This means that a facility with two buildings on the same campus with two different addresses or building numbers necessary to define those buildings are considered two sites.

How much does IPC membership cost?

How do I take advantage of the discount for a new membership?
Fill out the membership application at It will automatically reflect the discount. Your past membership status will be verified before the membership becomes active.

What if I am not sure my site/location has been a member before?
Contact to verify your membership history. If you have a previous membership history with IPC, the first-time, first-year membership rate will not apply.

Does the discount off new membership apply for Enterprise membership?
Yes – provided no sites have been members before.

What if I want to join as an Enterprise member but some sites have been members before?
You are not eligible for this offer. We encourage you to reach out to your MSA to discuss your options.

Does the discount apply to Government, Education, Consultant, or Sales Under $5M rates?

Can I combine this with other discounts?
Additional sites purchased at the same time are discounted. The 50% off the first year applies to those sites as well. You can save an additional 10% by purchasing multiple years. The 50% discount will only apply to the first year.

If I purchase a multi-year membership as a new member, does the discount apply to all years?
No. You can save an additional 10% by purchasing multiple years. The 50% discount will only apply to the first year.

Will my membership ever expire? If so, when?
IPC offers one-year and multi-year membership. Please contact our Member Support team at to find out the exact expiration date of your current membership.

How can we pay for membership?
Membership is effective upon receipt of your company's application and dues payment, and can be renewed annually. All fees are in U.S. dollars. We accept credit card payments, check and wire transfer.  Purchase Orders are not accepted to establish membership. See detailed payment instructions.

How can a member update contact information?
Changes to your contact or company information, can be updated by contacting

Can I, as an IPC Member, see the list of all IPC member companies?
In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which became effective on May 25, 2018, we have replaced the information at this link - You can now access information on IPC members who have opted in to being listed on IPC Global Marketplace. In the search ‘advanced options,’ select “IPC Member” to see only IPC member companies in your results. View the IPC privacy policy.

My member company information is incorrectly listed on the Global Marketplace.  How can I update the information?
Each company designee is able to edit their company listing by logging in to 

What is Wisdom Wednesday Webcast Series?
Wisdom Wednesday is a bi-weekly, 30-45minute webcast dedicated to educating IPC members on various trends and topics relevant to the industry and your business. These sessions are led by industry experts to share technical, business knowledge, and insights. Free and exclusive to members, Wisdom Wednesday is an opportunity to learn from some of the top minds in the industry. Expand your knowledge by registering for the upcoming session.You must enter your email address and password to access the registration page and past recordings.Login for more information.