Data Exchange Standards

IPC-175x family of standards establishes a standard reporting format for data exchange between supply chain participants. This series of standards is XML-schema based, which allows for more efficient and effective communication of data. Each standard in the series is explained below.

IPC-1751A (Amendment 1) Generic Requirements for Declaration Process Management

IPC-1751A provides the basic supplier/requestor details for declarations necessary between members of a supply chain relationship. This standard contains general information and is supplemented by sectional standards requiring more detailed information. This standard is mandatory as part of all other data exchange sectional standard declarations.

An amendment to IPC-1751A was published in December 2012 that includes several enhancements to the standard. The latest version of the IPC 1751A standard and IPC 1751A Schema can be downloaded by visiting

IPC-1752A Materials Declaration Management Standard (with Amendments 1 & 2)

IPC-1752A is the materials declaration standard for companies in the supply chain to share information on materials in products. In February 2014, a second amendment to IPC-1752A was published that provides several enhancements. These enhancements include: new Reportable Application field for use with new IEC 62474 Declarable Substances list in Appendix F to align with IEC 62474; clarification on the use of SubProduct in Class D XMLs to align with IEC 62474; clarification on reporting RoHS Exemptions tied to RoHS Exemption Lists in Class D XMLs and: addition of a new list for ELV exemptions in Appendix B.  

Amendment 2 to IPC-1752A supports reporting multiple parts, reorganization and simplification of the reporting levels and relying on third party solution providers to develop tools instead of relying on an Adobe PDF form. The lists of substances are contained in informative appendices in order to improve the ease of updating the dynamic lists. These lists (in both XML and PDF format) can be found on the 2-18b Committee page under "Other Documents." The lists are updated twice a year following publication of an updated REACH Candidate List by ECHA.

IPC-1752A with Amendments 1 & 2 can be downloaded by visiting

The IPC-1752A standard is supported by an XML schema and a data model. Third party solution (software) providers have developed implementation tools that are compatible with the standard. Several solution providers have developed basic, affordable tools that may serve your needs. A full list of solution providers is available on the 2-18b Committee page under "Other Documents." This list is purely for informational purposes.

IPC-1753 Laboratory Declaration Standard

The IPC-1753 Laboratory Declaration Standard facilitates the exchange of laboratory chemical analysis reports between supply chain members. This standard includes a standardized laboratory report format and method to exchange the information. The need for this standard comes from requests for companies to provide laboratory analytic data to show compliance with the RoHS Directive and other regulatory and customer requirements. This standard is available in the IPC bookstore at

IPC-1755 Conflict Minerals Data Exchange Standard

IPC-1755 is a multi-industry standard for the exchange of information related to conflict minerals. The conflict minerals regulations will require publically traded companies to report whether conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, gold, or tungsten) contained in their product are sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

IPC-1755 can be downloaded by visiting

IPC-1758 Declaration Requirements for Ship, Pack, and Packing Materials

IPC-1758 allows for the exchange of information regarding the materials used to protect products during shipment between supply chain partners. This standard describes essential information exchange content with respect to packing, supplemented by regulation references for materials, marking, recycling information and recycled content that may be desired to complete the data package.

IPC-1758 can be downloaded by visiting

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