Training & Certification

IPC certification programs and multimedia training

Classroom Training and Certification on IPC Standards
These industry-developed and approved programs use the two-tier "train the trainer" approach for standardized classroom training to assure understanding of criteria in the industry's most popular documents. This training leads to an industry traceable certification for the instructors, quality team, management and operators on J-STD-001; IPC-A-610; IPC-A-620; Rework and Repair and IPC-A-600. Programs are available in English and additional language (please see the detailed description of each program on the next page to see which languages are available). Official IPC Serialized Certificates are available in both letter and A4 paper sizes. There are also formal classroom training and certification programs for EMS Program Managers and for Certified IPC Designers.

IPC Media Training

Multimedia Training for Operators

Video training on DVD, for use in the classroom, or in computer-friendly formats for learning networks, provide both effective and affordable training.  Based on IPC standards, these operator-level programs include free paper-based or automated testing with unlimited student certificates of completion.  Other media resources include, training and reference guides; quality/acceptance wall posters and digital images to build your own instructional materials.  Free and complete reviews for all training & reference products available online, or through the mail, for every aspect of electronics assembly.

IPC Designers Council Events and Certification
Professional Certification for PCB designers, IPC Designers Council and Learning Symposiums.

Earn Your CEPM!
IPC EMS Program Management Training and Certification
This multi-session, comprehensive training and testing program leads to certification of these multifunctional ombudsmen.


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