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Sustainability for Electronics Overview

IPC's Sustainability Initiative will provide direction and ensure realistic and appropriate tools for the electronics manufacturing industry. IPC is:

  • Establishing a Sustainability for Electronics Leadership Council and Action Groups
  • Conducting a first-of-its-kind industry-wide Materiality Assessment to determine what sustainability means for electronics manufacturers.


Sustainability Strategy

New IPC Sustainability for Electronics Leadership Council to address Industry Sustainability Challenges



In 2021, IPC established an ESG for Electronics Steering Group comprising industry representatives from across the electronics manufacturing supply chain. The Steering Group evaluated the various Environment, Social and Governance stressors on their respective companies and worked together to identify a problem statement.

Organizations inside and outside our industry, both independently and sometimes collectively, are establishing or expanding ESG and sustainability-related policies for their operations and supply chains. This good intentioned, proactive approach can result in the enterprises for each of these supply chains responding to numerous comprehensive, but complex and discordant surveys and contract requirements. The outlay of resources to manage requests and the diverse expertise to respond to these surveys and requirements is expected to grow.

In addition to the feedback from the ESG for Electronics Steering Group, we have heard similarly from standards-development volunteers in the industry, government relations experts, and C-suite leaders within the industry.

They are asking IPC to:

  • Help industry to identify which emerged and emerging sustainability-related topics are most relevant to the industry, especially given that these topics are inclusive of and obligate the value chain.
  • Expand IPC's existing topic coverage to be more inclusive of relevant sustainability topics.
  • Use IPC’s existing standards-education-advocacy infrastructure to enable industry to better manage relevant sustainability obligations.

In 2022, IPC’s Board of Directors approved a proposal to initiate an association-wide sustainability initiative.

Current Status

In 2023, IPC’s is already busy organizing the leadership council and kicking-off the novel materiality assessment for the industry. We expect to provide regular commmunications to the industry including insights into emerging sustainability policies, details on the relevant and material sustainability topics, and information on the utility of existing IPC standards to achieve sustainability goals.


To learn more about IPC’s Sustainability Initiative, please contact Dr. Kelly Scanlon, Lead Sustainability Strategist.

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