Industry Continues to Face High Costs; Data Suggests Mixed Cost Pressures

According to IPC’s November Sentiment of the Global Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain report, 80% of electronics manufacturers are experiencing rising mat

One-Fourth of Electronics Manufacturers Believe We are Currently in a Recession

Manufacturers report passing on higher costs to customers
New data from IPC show that most electronics manufacturing industry executives see a recession as inevitable.

Likelihood of a Recession in 2023 in the United States and Europe Continues to Increase

IPC releases September 2022 economic outlook report
According to IPC’s September 2022 economic outlook report, the economic picture in the United States continues to dim and the likelihood of a recession ne

Projections for Global Economic Growth Lowered Despite Positive Developments

Economic picture looks worse than a month ago, but no clear determination if we are in a recession
Per IPC’s August Global Sentiment of the Electronics Supply Chain Report, current conditions for the electronics supply chain remain challenging, with

Economic Growth Projections Lowered for United States, Europe and China

Outlook influenced by growing recession uncertainties, rising prices and COVID lockdown policies in China
Per IPC’s July Global Sentiment of the Electronics Supply Chain Report, nine in 10 electron