IPC Releases New “H” Revision to Two Leading Standards for Eletronics Assembly, IPC J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610

IPC has released H revisions of two leading standards for the electronics assembly industry. IPC J-STD-001H, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies is recognized as the sole industry-consensus standard for soldering processes and materials, and IPC-A-610H, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies, is a post-assembly acceptance standard used to ensure electronic assemblies meet acceptance requirements for the electronics industry. These two documents can be used together for the manufacture of electronic assemblies.

Revisions to these standards are completed every three years, with significant changes made to each one.

Changes to J-STD-001H and notes of significance include:

  • Representatives from 27 countries (9 new countries) worked on the standard
  • With industry approval, IPC-J-STD-001G-AM1 is now incorporated to IPC-J-STD-001H
    • Section 8 is all new - Cleaning and Residue Requirements
    • 1.56 µg/NaCI equivalence/cm2 value for resistivity of solvent extract (ROSE) – no longer acceptable basis for qualifying a manufacturing process
    • IPC-WP-019B provides explanation and rationale for Section 8
  • Added Appendix D – Using X-ray for Acceptance for Solder Connection
  • Removed references to international space station symbol
    • Rationale, IPC-J-STD-001H is a base document
    • The space addendum covers space, military, aerospace requirements
  • New criteria for wrapped terminals

Changes to IPC-A-610H and notes of significance include:

  • Representatives from 29 countries (11 new countries) worked on the standard
  • Removed all target conditions – following the steps in IPC/WHMA-A-620D
  • New criteria on wrapped terminals 
  • ESD moved to a separate appendix
  • Separation of board assembly vs. cable and wire harness
  • General updates throughout the standard
  •  Jumper wire criteria folded into their own chapter

“The pandemic hit just as our dedicated committee members were deep in the revision process for these critical standards,” said John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO. “While sheltering in place all over the world, they found a way to work together to ensure that these documents were finished early. It is a remarkable achievement, and we are so grateful for their dedication.”

In addition to the new revisions for IPC-J-STD-001H and IPC-A-610H, redline documents are also available along with the revised white paper, IPC-WP-019B, “An Overview on Global Change in Ionic Cleanliness Requirements.” To purchase the revised standards and redlines, as well as IPC-WP-019B, visit the IPC Online Store.