Equipment Vendors Demonstrate Their Support for IPC-CFX on Legacy Equipment

EMS and OEM companies interested in integrating IPC-CFX on existing assembly lines now have access to a portal listing equipment vendors and their support of IPC-CFX on specific legacy equipment models in the field. This portal currently lists more than 120 models or series for which vendors have indicated they can provide either direct software or add-on hardware support.

 The availability of this legacy support portal is a strong first step in satisfying the immediate needs of EMS and OEM companies that want to integrate IPC-CFX into their factories now but may not be ready to purchase new equipment. By having an IPC-CFX assembly line, these companies can reap the benefits from the clean, data-rich messaging stream for Statistical Process Control (SPC), data analysis, quality improvement and the many other benefits of IPC-CFX. In addition to immediate rewards, these companies will also have a plug-and-play line for swapping out equipment with new models on the IPC-CFX-2591 Qualified Products List (QPL).

To view the current list of legacy equipment support and levels of support equipment vendors can provide, visit the IPC-CFX Legacy Equipment Support page. IPC will regularly update this page, so vendors who want to add their model support declarations can use the form on the page to have their legacy models listed for EMS and OEM viewing.

 David Bergman, IPC’s vice president of standards and technology stated, “IPC continues to provide supporting systems for IPC-CFX, the standardized open communication protocol developed and managed by industry, with the launch of the CFX equipment legacy site.”

Bergman added, “IPC now provides the standard, IPC-2591, Connected Factory Exchange, with minimum mandatory message topics, the educational programs for CFX, the IPC-CFX self-validation of equipment, and the IPC-CFX-2591 QPL third party verification with the listing page website. With the launch of the legacy equipment site, OEM and EMS companies can find equipment vendors who are supporting CFX for their older equipment.”

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