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Start with the Standards

Our industry manufactures more than electronics. We foster connections and make the world more secure, safe and enjoyable for billions around the globe. Which is why the importance placed upon designing and manufacturing consistently high-quality and highly reliable products continues to grow.

Do what thousands of your electronics manufacturing peers along the entire supply chain have already done to keep their standards high—become an IPC member.

IPC Membership

Drives Quality, Reliability and Consistency Through:

IPC Standards

Your entire operation will benefit from the widespread adoption and implementation of IPC’s collection of industry standards and guidelines for quality, reliability and consistency.

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First-time IPC member companies receive a gift of one electronic single device license IPC standard of their choice.* Contact Customer Service for details at or call at + 1 847-615-7100.  
*For new members beginning June 1, 2021.

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300+ active multilingual industry standards available, including emerging manufacturing trends

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Accepted worldwide for nearly every stage of the electronic product development cycle

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IPC standards and guidelines are developed with the active participation of more than 3,000 electronics industry professionals worldwide

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IPC members save up to 50% on each purchase of physical copies of IPC standards. As a benefit of membership, IPC member companies may download a free single-device IPC document in its original language, within 90 days of the publication. The quantity of free member docs per company, no longer company site, will follow the New Member Benefit Structure. 

Education and Training

IPC has invested heavily in training and education to position the industry for future growth and to address the global electronics manufacturing skills gap. An IPC membership increases your ability to build and support a high-performing workforce.

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IPC EDGE online learning conveniently helps enhance and grow industry-specific knowledge and skills

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IPC educational events and technical conferences provide topical in-person education that attendees can implement on the job

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An international network of IPC-licensed training centers provide training and certification programs built around IPC standards

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An IPC membership provides up to a 25% discount on IPC education and training purchases/registrations, as well as free monthly webinars


IPC membership provides critical support to IPC’s advocacy initiatives around the world. An investment in an IPC membership is an investment in providing a strong and unified voice for the global electronics industry.

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IPC has a dedicated government relations staff that continually monitors proposed legislation, regulations and rules by governments and agencies worldwide

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IPC actively engages with regulatory agencies to protect the interests of its members and advocate for science-based regulations

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IPC's Workforce Champions Pledge aims to create one million new education, training and career opportunities in the U.S. electronics industry over the next five years. IPC's European initiative to provide 500,000 training and career opportunities


As an electronics manufacturing industry innovator for more than 60 years, IPC (through its membership and staff) supports and provides research on, and solutions to, many industry challenges and opportunities. We’ll be the consulting partner you need to stay on top of trends, solve process issues and keep an eye on the future.

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IPC provides an estimated $1,800 in free members-only market research reports and savings on purchased reports

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IPC’s CFX-Connected Factory and E-Textiles initiatives are just a few programmatic examples of IPC solutions

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IPC Validation Services helps you solve specific process challenges, can identify areas for process improvement and provides certification opportunities for your company

Industry Intelligence

IPC is the industry’s trusted source for industry intelligence and comprehensive market data in areas such as workforce development, environmental concerns, health, safety, technology and innovation, and economics. With unique data sources from around the world, IPC’s research reports, studies and analyses provide insights that cannot be obtained anywhere else. 

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IPC has unique partnerships and access to supply chain data that is collected for the benefit of the industry

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IPC offers studies and statistical programs covering market, technology and business trends worldwide

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IPC’s industry intelligence helps identify opportunities by delivering analysis of data and trends that provide a solid basis for planning

IPC Members Rank Quality and Competitiveness as Major Benefits

How has your company benefited by utilizing the full suite of IPC products and services?

  • 72% Increased Quality
  • 53% Improved Competitiveness
  • 43% Reduced Rework
  • 39% Reduced Unnecessary Scrap
  • 33% Reduced Field Failures
  • 28% Increased Throughput
  • 20% Increased Profitability

Source: TechValidate survey of 609 users of IPC  |  Published: Jan. 5, 2018 TVID: C96-ADC-FD2

Save 50% on Your First Year's Membership
If your company is joining IPC for the first time you will receive a 50% discount on membership dues. Follow the link to the application form.
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Get the Power of Two Memberships
IPC and WHMA partner to develop standards and host industry events. Expand your network with our wire and cable harness colleagues.
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Recent Changes to IPC Membership

IPC is committed to making our membership process easier for you and your company. Now all employees at every location of your company will enjoy IPC membership benefits with one membership!

Beginning on January 1, 2021, the site-based membership will be replaced by a company revenue-based model, making it easier for you to access the information, events, industry intelligence and educational opportunities that are most important to your company. Site-based and previous Enterprise memberships will no longer be offered.

The new company membership dues schedule is based on annual company revenue.

If you have questions, please contact the IPC membership team by emailing, or check out 2021 membership information on our FAQs. 

This membership covers all of your locations and employees around the world for one flat rate. 

Company Annual Revenue 1-Year
Dues* (10% Discount)
Dues* (15% Discount)
Annual global revenue < $1M $575/yr $517.50/yr $488.75/yr
Annual global revenue between $1M-<$5M $875/yr $787.50/yr $743.75/yr
Annual global revenue between $5M-<$25M $1,500/yr $1,350/yr $1,275/yr
Annual global revenue between $25M-<$50M $1,750/yr $1,575/yr $1,487.50/yr
Annual global revenue between $50M-<$100M $2,100/yr $1,890/yr $1,785/yr
Annual global revenue between $100M-<$250M $2,500/yr $2,250/yr $2,125/yr
Annual global revenue between $250M-<$500M $3,100/yr $2,790/yr $2,635/yr
Annual global revenue between $500M-<$1B $3,600/yr $3,240/yr $3,060/yr
Annual global revenue between $1B-<$2.5B $4,100/yr $3,690/yr $3,485/yr
Annual global revenue > $2.5B $4,700/yr $4,230/yr $3,995/yr
Additional Organization Types Dues    
Education Institution (Universities and Colleges) $1,800/yr $1,620/yr $1,530/yr
Government Agency $2,500/yr $2,250/yr $2,125/yr

*Multi-year membership is paid in full at the time of purchase                                                                                                                                                                       

This membership includes all the benefits of the standard membership but is for companies who are working with a third-party online document subscription provider to access IPC standards.

Company Annual Revenue 1-Year
Dues* (10% Discount)
Dues* (15% Discount)
IPC Standards Subscription Membership Revenue <1M $2,100yr $1,890/yr $1,785/yr
IPC Standards Subscription Membership Revenue 1M - <5M $2,650/yr $2,385/yr $2,252.50/yr
IPC Standards Subscription Membership Revenue 5M - <25M $3,150/yr $2,835/yr $2,677.50/yr
IPC Standards Subscription Membership Revenue 25M - <50M $3,700/yr $3,330/yr $3,145/yr
IPC Standards Subscription Membership Revenue 50M - <100M $4,200/yr $3,780/yr $3,570/yr
IPC Standards Subscription Membership Revenue 100M - <250M $5,250/yr $4,725/yr $4,462.50/yr
IPC Standards Subscription Membership Revenue 250M - <500M $6,300/yr $5,670/yr $5,355/yr
IPC Standards Subscription Membership Revenue 500M - <1B $7,350/yr $6,615/yr $6,247.50/yr
IPC Standards Subscription Membership Revenue 1B - <2.5B $10,500/yr $9,450/yr $8,925/yr
IPC Standards Subscription Membership Revenue  2.5B+ $15,750/yr $14,175/yr $13,387.50/yr
Additional Organization Types Dues    
IPC Standards Subscription Membership Government Agency $5,250/yr $4,725/yr $4,462.50/yr
IPC Standards Subscription Membership  Educational Institution $3,700/yr $3,330/yr $3,145/yr

*Multi-year membership is paid in full at the time of purchase                                                                                                                                                                       

IPC Members can designate the employees who will receive a free digital copy of new standards as they are released. Below is the chart showing how many users a company may designate. 

Member Company Standards Benefit
Annual Revenue Number of Free Standard Users
<$1M 1
$1M - < $5M 1
$5M - < $25M 3
$25M - < $50M 3
$50M - < $100M 5
$100M - < $250M 5
$250 - < $500M 7
$500 - < $1.0B 7
$1.0B - < $2.5B 10
>$2.5B 10
Additional Member Categories
Education Institution 3
Gov't Agency 5
First-Year Membership Offer

Sign up as a new IPC member and get 50% off your first year’s membership. Applicable on enterprise membership and towards all rate types. Sign up for multiple years and save! Receive 15% discount on a three-year membership and 10% discount on a two-year membership. Discount applies when multi-year membership is purchased on the same order. Past membership will be verified upon receipt of your application.

Past Member?

If your organization has previously been a member of IPC, now is a great time to ‘re-start’ with the standards. IPC continues to develop new programming, events, and solutions in an on-going effort to deliver value. To reinstate your membership or to discuss your IPC membership needs and goals, please contact an IPC Membership Team Member at +1 847-615-7100. IPC’s Member Support department is open from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST.

Membership Justification Tools

IPC understands the decision to become a member rarely rests with one person. To help you advocate for your company’s membership, we have created tools to help you provide more information about IPC and outline the benefits of membership with our organization. We encourage you to download these resources and make them integral parts of your IPC membership discussions.

Email your decision makers

This customizable Microsoft Word document provides content that you can share with decision-makers about the benefits of IPC membership as well as our current 50% offer for first-time members.

First-Time Member      Returning Member

What will you save?

This infographic breaks down what IPC members can expect to save on IPC products, services and events as a result of IPC member discounts.

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Companies Save $$$ by Using IPC Programs

Annual economic impact companies reported by utilizing IPC products and services.

Pie chart results from survey of annual economic impact companies reported by utilizing IPC products and services

Saved $1,000,000s: 4%
Saved $100,000s: 24%
Saved $10,000s: 36%
Saved $1,000s: 22%
Other: 13%

Source: TechValidate survey of 303 users of IPC. Sample comprises Large Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, S&P 500, Global 500, Fortune 500, and Small Business electronics industry organizations.

Published: Jan. 9, 2018 TVID: BDB-191-596

IPC Serves the Industries That Serve Humanity

IPC partners with OEMs, EMS providers, PCB fabricators, wire harness manufacturers and suppliers in the industries where quality, reliability and consistency are of the utmost priority, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Communications Infrastructure Equipment
  • Consumer Technology
  • Defense/Military
  • E-Textiles
  • Energy/Industrial
  • Medical/Instrument
  • Semiconductors