Dear Colleague:
IPC's online learning courses utilize virtual classrooms featuring live instruction and class discussions. Classes start as early as June 2. Here's what we're offering this summer.

Taught by industry recognized expert Mike Carano, this course provides an in-depth exploration of diagnosing defects in the materials and the processes used to manufacture PCBs.
This introductory course covers all aspects of schematic capture and offers participants a choice of software to complete their final project. Taught by Kris Moyer, a working engineer and university instructor, this course is one of IPCs most popular and provides a solid foundation of knowledge for anyone that works with PCBs.
This course covers everything from NDAs to risk assessment to letters of intent to negotiating tactics. Participants meet with industry attorneys, Jeffrey Roth or Allen Anderson, twice a week for three weeks to perform real-world exercises that are applicable to their company's initiatives.
This IPC certification course covers everything a program manager in the electronics manufacturing industry needs to know. Our top-rated Instructor, Susan Mucha of Powell-Mucha Consulting, utilizes her vast experience to provide real-world scenarios, job-specific exercises, and team projects to facilitate mastery of key business and technical concepts.

Use this summer to gain industry knowledge for you and your team. These courses provide a unique online learning experience that includes live interaction with the instructors and with colleagues in our industry. Choose the courses best for your business.
The IPC Education Team