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IPC E-Textiles Initiative

The e-textiles supply chain is working together to develop industry standards, collaborate on education innovations and spurn the advancements of e-textiles-all through IPC.

IPC has create opportunities for members of the growing e-textiles industry to become involved in improving the reliability of products and the strengthen the industry overall.

IPC E-Textiles Exchange

We are pleased to announce the creation of IPC E-Textiles Exchange, a free and open online community for the e-textiles industry to learn and engage. Each month, IPC will post new video presentations and Deeper Dive discussions with subject matter experts from around the world. The site also includes a discussion board for you to interact with others in the IPC E-Textiles Exchange community.

“The Exchange is a community created for the e-textiles industry by the e-textiles industry.” IPC President and CEO John Mitchell introduces IPC E-Textiles Exchange in his YouTube video series, providing details on how IPC supports the textiles and electronics industries. IPC E-Textiles Exchange is open to everyone, so please spread the word to your colleagues.

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How Do I Join The IPC E-Textiles Exchange?

  1. Go to IPC E-Textiles Exchange 
    You will need to log into your IPC account (same as IPC Works). If you do not have an IPC account, please select the “register” button at the top of the page, fill out the form, confirm your email address, then go back to IPC E-Textiles Exchange.
  2. Click the “Add to Cart” button for E-Textiles Exchange.
  3. Select “Shopping Cart” on the top of your screen. IPC E-Textiles Exchange is free, but you need to complete the checkout process.
  4. Once you have completed your order, an Order Received message will appear on the screen. The same message will be emailed to you. From this message you access your enrollment page.
  5. Select the “Enroll” button next to the voucher you would like to utilize (IPC E-Textiles Exchange).  
  6. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Email address to enroll yourself.
  7. You will receive an enrollment email with information on creating your account profile and accessing the IPC E-Textiles Exchange under My Courses.


Recent Releases

IPC-8921, Requirements for Woven and Knitted Electronic Textiles (E-Textiles) Integrated with Conductive Fibers, Conductive Yarns and/or Wires
Released October 2019

IPC-WP-024, IPC White Paper on Reliability and Washability of Smart Textile Structures – Readiness for the Market
Released August 2018

IPC-WP-025, IPC White Paper on A Framework for the Engineering and Design of E-Textiles
Released April 2019

Participate in IPC E-Textiles Standards Activities

Updated January 17, 2020

Email ChrisJorgensen@ipc.org to participate in any of the following standards activities. There is no cost or obligation to participate, and all of the groups meet primarily via web meetings to enable the most participation.

Do you have a proposal for a new standard? If so, email Chris.

D-71 E-Textiles Joining and Interconnection Techniques Subcommittee

IPC-8941, Guideline on Connections for E-Textiles
This industry guideline will provide key considerations and best practices for connecting e-textiles to components. The components can be the commodity to which the e-textile will provide functionality or components which are attached to e-textiles to augment their performance.

This document will help users and manufacturers to work together to make best decisions for selecting connector types, connection materials and connection processes based on the e-textile technology to be used and the component to which the e-textile will be connected.

D-73a E-Textiles Printed Electronics Design Standard Task Group

IPC-8952, Design Standard for Printed Electronics on Coated or Treated Textiles and E-Textiles
This standard establishes specific requirements for the design of printed electronic applications and their forms of component mounting and interconnecting structures on coated or treated textile substrates. Textile substrate, as pertains to this standard, could be a bare textile or an integrated e-textile (e.g., woven or knitted e-textile).

Coated or treated textile substrates, as pertain to this standard, are textile substrates which have or will have a  coating or treatment localized or across the full substrate.
This task group is being led out of Europe, but participation is open to anyone.

D-75a-EU E-Textiles Wearables Standard Task Group in Europe

IPC-8981, Quality and Reliability of E-Textiles Wearables
This standard will establish required testing and reliability expectations for e-textiles wearables products. An e-textiles wearable, as pertains to this standard, will be any wearable product that is a complete system utilizing non-electrical textiles and e-textiles (woven, knitted, printed, etc.) with attached/connected functional components, sensors, devices, etc. A first task of the working group will be to clearly define an e-textiles wearable as well as to define other e-textiles structures that could be part of a system (e.g., wires on textile, laminated, conductive polymers, sensors, actuators, etc.).

Other Topics Being Considered by the Committee

  • E-Textiles testing requirements for high-voltage applications
  • Specification for conductive fibers, yarns and wires for e-textiles applications
  • E-Textiles for home furnishings


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