Better by Design

IPC Design brings printed board design professionals together in order to better themselves and their colleagues through professional networking, ongoing technical education, and engagement with academics and the next generation of printed board designers.

A castle is only as good as the soil on which it stands, and modern electronics are only as good as the designs on which they are built.

In order to advance the state of the electronics industry, manufacturers are demanding cheaper, faster, and more reliable boards from their in-house design teams or their contract suppliers. Better boards start with better designs. and the printed board design engineering professional is an increasingly critical member of the electronics manufacturing process. 

IPC Design revolves around IPC Design Affiliates - members of the printed board design engineering industry who come together to create and participate in networking and educational events, as well as industry outreach to academic institutions. 

IPC Design is completely free and utilizes Discord, a widely-adopted and popular community-building forum app. 

Affiliate with IPC Design today.