Equipment Providers: Demonstrate Your IPC-CFX Support for Legacy Equipment in the Field

As interest in IPC-CFX grows, EMS and OEM companies are asking IPC about equipment providers’ plans for IPC-CFX implementation support for legacy equipment in the field. To help guide these companies to successful implementations of IPC-CFX using their existing equipment, IPC is building a list of equipment provider statements of support for IPC-CFX implementations for legacy equipment.

IPC will publish equipment provider plans for legacy equipment in the field on the IPC-CFX website and communicate this list to industry.

Using the form below, indicate your level of support for specific equipment models.

Complete this form by Friday, April 30.

Name Title Operations
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Please select one of the following for each piece of legacy equipment.

Direct Support:
Vendor can support through direct IPC-CFX software implementation.

Add-On Support: Vendor can support through provided add-on hardware.

No Support: Vendor does not support IPC-CFX.
Equipment Model Support Type Operations
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