Global Electronics: The Art of the Possible podcast

Digital technologies are transforming manufacturing and for next-generation manufacturers, it’s essential to take a critical look at both the challenges and benefits of digital technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics and data impacting supply chains. To ensure success, we need to start talking about the policy, sustainability, network and workforce adoptions integral to developing the Factory of the Future. 

Within our podcast series, we take a broad look at some of the opportunities and challenges of creating and running the Factory of the Future and talk one-on with the industry leaders and pioneers in manufacturing and management. We share lessons learned in implementation and what’s next for technology and data management. We also look at specific use cases, impact on the workforce, security and how organizations can measure impact and success. 

Join us in exploring the factory of the future.

Interview with Joe O'Neil, CEO, Green Circuits
John Mitchell and Joe O'Neil have a lively discussion about how to keep data accurate and secure. No matter how great your systems are, someone can hack in and get data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics reveal greater efficiencies, but they can also cause security problems. What is needed to address this important issue?
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Interview with Shane Whiteside, President and CEO, Summit Interconnect
Do you know what it takes to succeed in the fast-paced electronics manufacturing industry? And how do you measure success? John Mitchell speaks with Shane Whiteside on what it means to be a full-spectrum manufacturing partner, how to deliver value on multiple fronts, and improve customer engagement.
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Interview with Jeff Timms, CEO, ASM Americas
In this episode, John Mitchell asks Jeff Timms for the advice he’d give to businesses moving toward the factory of the future. Jeff discusses the importance of embracing the changes coming, how to create strategies for doing business in a socially and environmentally sustainable way, and how those efforts will empower the workforce, our organizations, and our industry.
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Interview with David Heller, CEO, Heller Industries
In this episode, David Heller and John Mitchell discuss how best to create a competitive environment by tackling several questions. What is the proper government role in creating a competitive environment ? How do we encourage diversity and experience? Listen in on this lively discussion on issues critical to our industry.
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Interview with Steve Pudles, CEO, Zentech Manufacturing
Steve Pudles joins the podcast to talk about how companies can comply with new standards and regulations while facing increasing costs. While the factory of the future is the goal for everyone, and we encourage competition and innovation, how do we supplement small businesses in their compliance efforts?
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Interview with Robert Feuerstein, Head of Manufacturing Innovation, Continental Automotive
The automotive industry was an early adopter of digital twinning, artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, co-bots and sophisticated data management. In this segment, John Mitchell talks "tech" with Robert Feuerstein on the critical elements, standards and technologies that define the factory of the future.
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Interview with Mike Carano, Vice President, RBP Chemical Technology
In this episode, Mike Carano and John Mitchell "go green," discussing how to sustain and keep companies environmentally sound, how to use alternative forms of energy to power facilities, and to recycle where we can. This not only benefits the environment, but results in a positive image for customers, and can enhance workforce development.
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Interview with Carsten Salewski, Executive Board Member, Viscom AG
In this episode, Carsten Salewski and John Mitchell discuss the role that government agencies can play in helping the electronics industry be more successful. But new regulations pose a burden and navigating reporting processes can be complex. Is Europe at risk of losing workforce by overregulation?
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Interview with Nilesh Naik, President, Eagle Circuits
In this segment, Nilesh Naik and John Mitchell have a conversation on how to harness supply chain data. The industry is in the midst of a great data explosion. How can we codify data, consistently apply it and use it to our advantage in order to save time and money? Listen in as Nilesh shares his experience and expertise.
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Interview with Shawn DuBravac, Chief Economist, IPC
In this episode, John Mitchell and Shawn DuBravac discuss technology, market trends and insights on the biggest issues facing the global electronics industry, including supply chain resiliency/uncertainty, trade wars, skilled workforce shortage, and the expanding role of electronics in the global economy.
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Interview with Matt Kelly, Chief Technologist, IPC
John Mitchell and IPC’s Chief Technologist Matt Kelly discuss how digital technologies are transforming the electronics industry, how the manufacturing supply chain can harness data and business insights, new skills needed to run a smart factory, and the growth of additive manufacturing and 3D printing, and more.
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