Are you up-to-date on the acceptability of printed boards?

IPC has released IPC-A-600J, Acceptability of Printed Boards, the definitive illustrated guide to printed circuit board acceptability. This companion document to IPC-6012, Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards and IPC-6013, Qualification and Performance Specification for Flexible Printed Boards, provides photographs and illustrations that are either internally or externally observable on bare printed boards.

"Revision J to IPC-A-600 contains more than 120 new or modified photographs and illustrations that provide pictorial interpretation of requirements introduced in IPC-6012D from September 2015,” said John Perry, director, printed board standards & technology at IPC. “Most importantly, it addresses copper filled microvias, registration to microvia capture lands, microvia target land dimension, etchback, smear removal and plating requirements for surface mount lands."

Along with descriptions for target, acceptable, and nonconforming conditions that are either externally or internally observable on printed boards, this document provides many updates, including:

  • Process Indicators Condition Further Defined
  • Haloing Penetration Distance Updated
  • Nicks and Penetration Further Defined
  • Crazing Penetration Criteria Updated
  • Voids – Copper Plating, Finished Coating Photos Updated
  • Surface Plating – Edge Connector Lands, Further Defined and new photos
  • Surface Plating – Rectangular Surface Mount Lands, Defined and new photos

On top of that, photographs and illustrations provide coverage on topics ranging from copper wrap plating, copper cap plating of filled holes, and hole wall/barrel separation. It also includes updated and expanded coverage for measling of printed boards, delamination and haloing, laminate voids/cracks, etchback, blind and buried via fill, and flexible circuits. Basically, it represents the visual interpretation of minimum requirements set forth in various printed board specifications.

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