We are pleased to announce the launch of IPC Europe’s newsletter!

13 November 2018

We are thrilled to announce IPC Local Update, the first issue of IPC Europe’s newsletter. Our goal with this new tool is to keep you up to date with IPC’s activities across Europe, including current events and news for the electronics industry.

The newsletter is designed to be as informative as possible, providing you man learning opportunities. The information available in the newsletter will be useful for your personal career development and the success of your organisation.

IPC aims at getting closer to its membership and to its audience, locally …

It has been our goal for quite a long time to develop a newsletter of our own. We have organised numerous events across Europe and were challenged with creating valuable e-mail content that you would find helpful. Given that people tend to receive large amounts of e-mails, IPC does not want to add any clutter within your inbox. 

The newsletter format allows us to tackle concepts that do not necessarily fit in our IPC website. This includes a detailed look into local opportunities in Europe, recent news and articles from IPC Europe, and IPC fact and figures. 

IPC represents all facets of the electronics industry including design, printed circuit board manufacturing, and electronics assembly. As such, you can expect our newsletter to be informative and relevant to almost any interested party.

Don’t wait any longer, watch out for our first newsletter!