IPC Day United Kingdom | 3 December 2018, London, UK

Understanding Failures for Improved Reliability

Last Monday, 3 December 2018, 20 European IPC members and PCB professionals convened at IHS-Markit’s Global Headquarters in Central London to attend IPC Day UK, organized with IPC British Training Center ART-Advanced Rework Technology Ltd.  During this one-day gathering, IPC offered unique insight from an outstanding industry expert and provided quality information as well as networking opportunities.

Mr. Bhanu Sood from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center delivered a keynote presentation, “Understanding Failures for Improved Reliability,” providing detailed information on printed circuit boards’ failure mechanisms and identifying key contributors to failure mechanisms. The IPC Day audience (including 14 companies and six IPC and partner representatives) gained a rare opportunity to propel their career forward while gaining valuable knowledge from inspirational people. 

Philippe Léonard, IPC Europe director, welcomed all participants, speakers and partners and briefly presented IPC plans for European activities, including upcoming events for next year. He mentioned the IPC Hand Soldering Competition and the recently initiated IPC project on workforce shortage JTA (Job Task Analysis).

Ms. Debbie Wade, Managing director of ART-Advanced Rework Technology (UK-based IPC Training Center) welcomed participants and briefly presented IPC standards committees (especially those IPC technical activities taking place in Europe) and called for more IPC members/users engagement.
Welcoming all participants in their flagship European location, Mr. Simon Alcock, IHS-Markit, briefly presented the range of IHS-Markit tools and solutions to support Electronics Industry engineering.

Bhanu Sood’s excellent presentation informed the audience about understanding specifics of the processes to get to a root cause and the fact that only when you get to the root cause can you address the reliability and make the necessary corrective action. He mentioned that “the processes can be understood by working with the suppliers to identify where the process bottlenecks are.”  For him, it could be “systematic cause with the supplier or that cause could be linked to the definition of the requirement by the customer/end-user who could be the one generating the requirement, which is often the leading contributor to the failure cause.”

IHS-Markit’s Gareth Evans concluded the day and presented  the IHS-Markit engineering workbench, a dedicated online platform used to access a world of standards and standard-related information (with more than 1.7 million active documents), technical articles and much more:  “IHSM provides efficient solutions to search around data and information within monsters library of millions of documents and provide specific semantic search engine that are actually answering the question you might not be directly asking,” he explained.

The Keynote Speaker

Bhanu Sood is a Commodity Risk Assessment Engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Mr. Sood serves as the Goddard Center lead and NASA Specialist managing overall development efforts pertaining to risk and reliability of Microelectronics Packaging and Printed Circuit Boards used in NASA Goddard’s flight missions and ground support equipment. Prior to joining NASA, Mr. Sood was the Laboratory Director at University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE). He holds two patents, an invention disclosure and is the author of several hundred conference papers, presentations and technical reports, four book chapters and thirty-two peer reviewed scholarly and technical manuscripts..

Our Partners

ART-Advanced Rework Technology Ltd.is a fully accredited IPC certification centre presenting CIT (trainer level) and CIS (Operator level) training courses since 1988 in the London area. Fully independent, ART provides in-house and on-site trainings, which can be customised to meet specific customer needs.

IHS-Markit is an IPC Distribution partner, active globally and offering distribution of major standards (>1,700 standards) & technical information. With a dynamic 5,000+ team of analysts, data scientists & industry experts, IHS-Markit brings together widest set of capital-intensive industries and markets intelligence.