IPC Day 2018: Paris France

15 February 2018

On 15 February 2018, IPC and IFTEC (French accredited training centre) invited 35 French PCB designers and engineers to convene in Paris to discuss key PCB design issues and initiate the first French IPC Designer Council Chapter.  The day was hosted by HIS Markit, IPC global distribution partner, who presented its document platform and specific technical information solutions.  Thomas Romont, IFTEC trainer and member of the IPC Design Council, presented the agenda and the ambition of the day to initiate this first French IPC Design Council Chapter.

Technical Roundtable Discussions
Thomas presented several PCB design technical challenges; roundtable discussions covered various technical PCB design issues, including :

  • How should large pads be?
  • How should via protection be designed?

Participants discussed several specific design-related IPC standards, including IPC-2226 issues (standard mini/max threshold vs nominal value), future IPC-2228 issues (high-frequencies and micro-waves designs) and reviewed an update of the IPC-2222A Standard.

Foundation of a French IPC Design Council Chapter
Participants all agreed to sustain the initiative and 28 out of 35 committed to taking an active part in this proposed IPC Design Council Chapter. They nominated a leading group of 7 volunteers and identified a handful of issues to start working. The French Chapter board will now set an agenda and meetings calendar in the coming weeks to get the ball rolling in France.