IPC Day 2018: Bilbao, Spain

15 February 2018

On 15 February 2018, IPC and its partners Consultronica (Spanish accredited training centre), Nufesa Electronics and Desco, held the first IPC Day in Bilbao, Spain. This workshop represented an ambitious effort to expand knowledge and training on ESD standards among the Spanish electronics industry community.

Introducing the meeting, Natalia Rivas, Marketing Manager of IPC European office in Brussels, briefly recalled IPC mission and objectives and presented IPC’s ambitious plan for 2018 in Europe, aimed at significantly increasing local engagement and develoingp more events and education opportunities at a local level.

Andreas Gregor, head of Consultronica, David Mel, Nufesa, and Vaughan Callan, Desco Europe led the round-table discussions on ESD issues and related IPC standards with more than 50 engineers. Training requirements, IPC EDGE, ESD protection and ESD protection products were considered during the debates.

The workshop took place in the middle of the Basque region in Spain that is considered the headquarters of some of the most important industrialised Spanish companies, which in the last years has entered in a period of economic growth and business opportunities.