Exploring New Opportunities within the Automotive Electronics Industry

IPC Automotive Electornics Reliability Forum - 4-5 June 2018 | Nuremberg, Germany

Exploring New Opportunities within the Automotive Electronics Industry
In 2018, the annual IPC Reliability Forum has been dedicated to Automotive Electronics. The two-day event offered more than 60 expert speakers and participants, coming from across the globe, a unique occasion to meet, network and explore new opportunities offered by the significant product evolution within the Automotive vertical.

Tomorrow’s vehicles will be more electric and much more autonomous than today. From 15-20% of the average car value today, embedded electronics systems will soon represent more than 50% of the value of a car. All these significant evolutions are bringing fantastic opportunities for electronic equipment manufacturers but they are presenting major challenges as well, including challenges linked to the amount of data to be processed and transmitted within and outside the vehicle, the amount of electrical energy to be stored and used in the car and all related thermal and insulation effects that will no doubt affect PCBs and electronics systems.

Highly technical discussions within the IPC conference highlighted how automotive electronics is becoming a key player in the industry with a series of sessions led by subject matter experts on the automotive electronics design and manufacturing for the European market.

Ultimately, the IPC Automotive Electronics Forum delivered a broad suite of innovative, growth-centred solutions for the attendees:  “The conference was very interesting for us. It is very important to keep in touch with our customers and get the latest trends in the industry to craft our work to make sure we deliver the right solution.” commented Traian Cucu G.A.T.E. Director, Alpha Assembly Solutions.

Major automotive OEMs, including Groupe Renault, Bosch, Volkswagen, Continental Automotive, Air Liquide and many major key players attended the event and had ample opportunities to discuss, network, and exchange best practices and success stories on electronics reliability applications to the next car generation as well as about the urgent need to work together and share developments and common standards for electronic assemblies in the automotive industry.

Dr. Maxime Makarovn (Groupe Renault), for his first time participating in an IPC event was very pleased with the level of the presentations and discussions he had and he commented:
“Technology now has become so complicated that, to solve problems of our embedded electronics, we now start to feel the need of working more together, involving directly all members of the supply chain, from the components up to the final product. From what I’ve heard from the IPC Automotive Electronics Reliability Forum, conclusions are clear: We need to work together. That is why this type of conference is really important for us at Renault, for all our colleagues and for the supply chain, as we can share our experiences and identify potential tracks for solutions. All speakers have prepared their presentations separately, and interestingly enough, as an example, Volkswagen and Hanover Institute presentined something very similar to the conclusions of my own presentation! For this reason, and for many others, this IPC meeting is key for our industry.“

IPC Forum’ participants originated from different European countries with a large majority of them coming from the host country, Germany, where the automotive electronics sector is at the heart of a booming industrial development.  Hans-Peter Tranitz (Continental Automotive) declared, “This was a great event with a lot of different nationalities from all around Europe and there is a great mood of sharing knowledge and discussing the latest reliability topics in the industry. I personnally enjoyed discussing with peers as well as the great balance between presentations times and networking times.”

Participants had extensive opportunities to expand their knowledge base and exchange ideas with industry leaders. During the different coffee-free breaks, lunches and the Networking Reception, they were able to discuss the challenges and opportunities that their companies are facing. There were ample opportunities to meet one-on-one and exchange with like-minded professionals and experts in the electronics field to obtain fresh perspectives and innovative solutions. The energy, intellect and spirit of fellowship that all attendees brought to the conference left IPC with unforgettable memories.

This IPC event was organized in conjunction with the SMT Hybrid Packaging Exhibition which took place in Nuremberg during the same week. This offered attendees the possibility to visit the show floor and keep up with latest electronics technologies. IPC exhibited in the SMT Hybrid Packaging and held at the regional qualification round for the IPC Hand Soldering Competition.