Advanced PCB Design Concepts


Virtual classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays

The course will start with the design of HDI and advanced packaging concepts. This will be followed by embedded component design and the students will see how concepts from HDI are used in the implementation of embedded components. Next, concepts necessary for the design of wearable electronics and how the use of concepts from HDI and Embedded are necessary to achieve the small size and light weight of wearable electronics.

The course covers the skills necessary to create IPC-compliant PCB designs with:

  • Advanced or complex packaging
  • Reduced available board area
  • Non-orthogonal placement and routing
  • Non-standard board outline geometry
  • Non-standard board mounting
  • Advanced board materials
  • Embedded components
  • Cavities to reduce the overall volume/skyline of the design
  • Human interface/wearable technology