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Committee D-55a Embedded Circuitry Guideline Task Group
Chair Bhanu Sood, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Staff Liaison Chris Jorgensen
Committee Charter This task group is working on revision A of IPC-7092, Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Embedded Circuitry and Devices, a guideline document to provide supplemental information to IPC-6017, the reliability specification for embedded circuitry.

Specifically, IPC-7092 describes the design and assembly challenges for implementing passive and active circuitry with distributive capacitive planes, capacitive or resistive components and/or placed or formed embedded active devices. The completed structure including internal electronic components is ready for surface mount and/or through-hole component attachment. The multilayered structure becomes a complete product ready for further processing in an assembly process and can be made from organic, inorganic (ceramic) or both types of material.


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