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IPC Design brings printed board design professionals together in order to better themselves and their colleagues through professional networking, ongoing technical education, and engagement with academics and the next generation of printed board designers

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Affiliating with IPC Design instantly connects you with printed board design engineers in your own backyard and half the world away. IPC Design is a low obligation, zero-cost way to expand your professional network, interact with academia and the next generation of printed board professionals; and be the first in line for IPC events. 

IPC Design utilizes Discord, a free-to-use community chat and video platform. Discord works with your internet browser and desktop, iOS, and Android applications. (If using the web-based application, you may need to request to be whitelisted by your IT department.)

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PCB Design for Military & Aerospace Applications
This course addresses specific challenges encountered in military and aerospace applications, including the effects of vibration, shock, radiation, and altitude, extended operating temperature range, and other design considerations for high reliability applications.
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PCB Design for Rigid-Flex Boards
This course provides the skills necessary to effectively implement designs requiring flex and rigidflex circuits in accordance with product requirements. The class also focuses on the impact of these designs on manufacturing and assembly techniques, documentation, and manufacturing file generation.
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Whether you need an introductory course or need to add advanced design knowledge to your skillset, IPC has the design courses needed to deliver effective and reliable designs to your customers.
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