Solder Mask and Plating Adhesion Pull Test Tape List

IPC-TM-650 Test Method, Adhesion, Solder Resist (Mask), Tape Test Method, defines the procedure for determining the adhesion of solder resists (masks) used over melting metals, (such as solder plated and reflowed solder printed boards both prior to and after soldering), nonmelting metals, and printed board substrates.

IPC-TM-650 Test Method 2.4.1, Adhesion, Tape Testing, defines the procedure for using pressure sensitive tape to determine the adhesion quality of platings, marking inks or paints, and other materials used in conjunction with printed boards.

Both test methods require a roll of pressure sensitive self-adhesive film tape exhibiting an adhesive strength of at least 44 N/100 mm [40 oz-force/in] but no more than 66 N/100 mm [60 oz-force/in] as tested per ASTM D3330.  This web page provides a non-comprehensive list of tapes meeting this requirement.  

This list is dynamic and IPC recognizes that other applicable tape brands may exist and will be included as IPC is notified.  None of the brands listed below are endorsed by IPC.

If you are familiar with another tape brand that meets these requirements, IPC encourages your input.  Please provide your  name, e-mail address, and company name when providing a written e-mail to .  When providing information on an applicable tape brand, please include the company website (if available) in addition to the brand name.

Brand Name Brand Web Site Adhesive Strength
3M Scotch 600
(Industrial Grade – 3 inch Core) 44 N/100 mm [40 oz-force/in]
3M Scotch 610 47 N/100 mm [43 oz-force/in]
3M Scotch 371 44 N/100 mm [40 oz-force/in]
3M Polyester Film Tape 853 52 N/100 mm [48 oz-force/in]
Nitto Denko
Cellophane Tape No.29 47 N/100 mm [43 oz-force/in]

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