Sign-up and Administering your subscription status:

All commands (such as subscribe and signoff) must be sent to You must never try to send any command to mail forum address (i.e. <forum name>, as it will be distributed to all the subscribers.

Also, please note that no other text, such as electronic signature, etc., should be present in the messages to LISTSERV@IPC.ORG. If your e-mail program automatically appends your signature to the message, please remove it.

Example for subscribing:

MESSAGE: subscribe TechNet Joseph H. Smith

Example for signing off:

MESSAGE: signoff DesignerCouncil


NOTE:You must send messages to the forum address ONLY from the e-mail address to which you want to apply changes. In other words, if you want to sign off the mail list, you must send the SIGNOFF command from the address that you want removed from the forum.

Additional Commands:

SET <forum name> <option>
Command enables/disables a specified option.

MESSAGE: SET TechNet nomail

Please note that the commands, addresses and forum names are not case sensitive, and you can send as many commands as you need in one message as long as they are on separate lines.

The available options are as follows:

Options: Query This command returns your subscriber options. To be executed correctly, the message must be sent from the address about which you are making a query. The syntax is:

QUERY <forum name>

Also, wildcards are supported. For example, sending a command
will return a list of all forums to which you are subscribed, with all subscriber options for these forums.

Mail/Nomail Setting the NOMail option stops mail from the forumt to you, but leaves you subscribed to the list. NOMail is often used by subscribers who are leaving the office for vacation or an extended business trip, and do not want a full mailbox when they return.

Setting the Mail option is the complementary command that restarts mail delivery from the forum to you. It does not alter the Digest/Index normal delivery settings (see below).

For example, to temporarily disable mail delivery from TechNet to your address, send the following command:


Please note, if you use an auto-responder while on vacation without setting your subscription options to NOMail, your "vacation" messages may bounce back to the mail list and you may be "served off" from the forum when you return. This is because the server will be unable to process the message from your auto-responder and will consider it an error. Being "served off" simply means that any commands you send to mail list will be ignored until the forum administrator restores your normal status.

Digest/Nodigest Setting the Digest option causes the subscriber to receive one e-mail posting per digest cycle (typically daily) rather than individual messages as they are processed by the mail list. Digest negates Index delivery mode, enables mail delivery.

Setting the NODigest option causes individual messages to be sent to the subscriber.

For example, to start receiving the TechNet messages in digest form, send a following command:


Index/Noindex Setting the Index option causes the subscriber to receive one posting per digest cycle, containing only an index of subject topics for all messages during that cycle. Instructions on how to retrieve the individual postings are included with the index. Index negates Digest delivery mode and enables mail delivery.

Setting the NOIndex option causes individual messages to be sent to the subscriber.

For example, to start receiving TechNet messages in index form, send the following command:


Search This command allows you to search a database of all previous postings to the specified forum. The syntax is:

SEARCH <search string> IN <forum name>

For example, to search TechNet for gold plating, send the following command:

SEARCH gold plating IN TechNet

Adding SINCE <date> after the forum name will impose the time constraints on your search, i.e., command
SEARCH gold plating IN TechNet SINCE 97/01/01
will search all postings since January 1'st 1997.

ACK/NOACK When you send a message, the server responds with a confirmation message, saying that "your message was delivered to the forum, etc.", but, by default, the copy of your message is NOT sent to you. In other words, when you send a message to the forum, you do not receive it back as a posting. However, you can change this default for yourself by setting following options:

ACK - A short confirmation message is sent to the sender of the posting (default)
NOACK - No posting acknowledgment is sent

Repro/NORepro REPRO - You receive a copy of your own postings
NOREPRO - You do not receive a copy of your own postings

For example, to receive both confirmation of the posting and the posting itself for your TechNet submission, send a command:

To receive only your posting but not the posting acknowledgment:

THANKS You can send this command to see if the server is alive, and the messages to and from the server are delivered normally.The server politely responds, "You're welcome!".

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