Master IPC Trainer (MIT)

Only full-time, part-time, or contracted employees of Licensed Training Centers can be an MIT. MITs receive their certification from the IPC Certification Program Office. The MIT credential is directly tied to a single employing Training Center unless otherwise approved by IPC.

The MITs for the designer training courses will be as designated by the IPC Design Executive Council, the Technical Training Committee for CID and CID+ Programs.

Separate MIT credentials are required for each certification Program. Every MIT for a Program shall maintain certification as a CIT for that Program. Additional MIT qualification requirements may be established by the Technical Training Committees. The MIT period of certification will coincide with the CIT certification.

MITs provide the first level of technical and administrative support to CITs and CISs they have trained. This includes assistance with understanding of the Policies and Procedures and criteria of the standard(s) or courses.


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