IPC Statement on Conflict Minerals

While IPC fully supports the intent of Section 1502 of the U.S. government's Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to block funding from minerals trade to those practicing human rights violations, we remain concerned about the financial impact our members face as a result of the Security and Exchange Commission's final rule on the requirements for disclosing information on the source of conflict minerals.

EMS companies are not in a position to identify, collect, and disclose conflict minerals compliance data where they have very limited control and zero authority regarding the selection and sourcing of electronic components and materials used in assembling finished products for their customers.

Therefore, it is IPC's view that the obligation of compliance rests solely with companies that are directly responsible for approving the following:  product design, bill of materials, or list of acceptable manufacturers.

July 2013

It must be noted that the above statements should not be construed by anyone as a legal interpretation of the regulation. We claim no authority to provide legal advice on these matters, and urge all of our members to consult their appropriate legal counsel.


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