IPC's Social Networks—Get Connected!

Online social networks are growing in popularity and offer great opportunities to connect with your peers and stay on top of the latest news from IPC.

Whether you're interested in meeting other professionals in your area, making new friends, or just want to be among the first to know what's new at IPC, online social networks provide some great ways to connect. And best of all, all of IPC's social networks are free!

Not sure what "social networking" means?

Online social networking involves connecting and sharing information with other people via the Internet.

The best way to do this is to participate on IPC's forums, especially IPC Technet. You'll find many industry experts exchanging ideas and solving problems together. The interface is simple, just standard e-mail format, so you won't have any firewall or permission problems. Search the archives when you have a question, read along to keep up, or post your own questions or comments.

Social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and and Flickr offer additional ways to interact and can help you network and stay in touch with peers and customers.

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site that allows you to strengthen and extend your existing network of professional contacts. Membership in IPC is not required to become a member of IPC's LinkedIn group. To learn more and sign up for your free account visit the LinkedIn website. Then join the IPC group and start connecting.

Twitter is a free "microblogging" service that allows people connect through short messages sent via the Internet or cell phone. IPC uses Twitter to highlight information on the website like press releases, new product releasesand other items of interest. Find IPCAssociation on Twitter and sign up today. We also use Twitter for on-site and pre-show announcements at IPC APEX EXPO. Sign up at https://twitter.com/IPCShow.

Facebook allows you to create a personal profile complete with photos, links, videos and other information you may want to share with friends, colleagues and former classmates. Facebook gives you the opportunity to get to know other IPC colleagues on a more personal level and to interact in a more casual way. Visiting IPC's Facebook page is another way to stay connected to colleagues and IPC.

Flickr allows IPC to organize photos and videos from IPC events and activities and share them with you. To learn more and sign up for your free account visit the Flickr website.