Relevant Assembly Equipment Standards

While there are a number of IPC standards related to terms and definitions used by manufacturers of assembly equipment, the two that are most applicable are:

  • IPC-9850 “Surface Mount Placement Equipment Characterization” and
  • IPC-9851 “Mechanical Equipment Interface Standard”

IPC-9850 Revision A is a major update released in August, 2011 covering current surface mount pick and place configurations that didn't exist when the original 9850 was published.

IPC-9851 includes definitions of both electrical and mechanical interface requirements. The mechanical interface requirements also include dual lane support that was not part of the original SMEMA 1.2.

IPC-T-50 –“Terms and Definitions for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits” - is the single most complete dictionary for terms used in our industry.

The requirements for fiducial marks, previously published as SMEMA 3.1, are provided with much greater detail in IPC-2221: “Generic Standard on Printed Board Design”.