IPC Management Committees

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IPC is not just for "techies." While IPC is known for its Standard Development Committees, there are also several Management Councils which create tools for senior level executives to help them make strategic business decisions. These groups are comprised of company leaders who advise IPC on how to best serve the industry. Find out about each Councils and how you can use IPC as resource as you plan for the future of your organization.

For more information on any of the IPC Management Councils, contact Sanjay Huprikar at +1 847-597-2837 (SanjayHuprikar@ipc.org).

PCB Management Council

The PCB Management Council provides opportunities for presidents and senior level managers of printed board manufacturing companies to exchange ideas and identifies and disseminates information about trends and issues.

Its steering committee identifies issues, contributes direction for planning Council events and ensures that IPC meets the needs of PCB manufacturers. The PCB Management Council Steering Committee meets twice a year; in conjunction with IPC APEX EXPO™ in the spring and in conjunction with the IPC PCB Executive Management Meeting in the fall. The IPC PCB Management Council is chaired by Peter Bigelow, President, IMI.

PCB Presidents Council Steering Committee

PCB Suppliers Management Council

The PCB Suppliers Management Council's objective is to identify and execute programs to enhance the competitive position of IPC member companies that supply equipment and materials to the printed circuit board industry. The PCB Suppliers Management Council Steering Committee consists of several Subcommittees that help the Council meet its many goals. New Subcommittees are created as new industry needs are identified. The PCB Suppliers Management Council is chaired by Rick Lies of Chemcut Corporation.

New Technology Subcommittee
The New Technology Subcommittee is dedicated to educating the electronics industry supply chain on the latest technological developments. This Subcommittee is responsible for The Embedded Devices Users Group, which is currently developing a benefits model on embedded passives. They also sponsored "Will You Be Ready?: An Endicott Technology Interchange," which was held in May of 2008. The New Technology Subcommittee is chaired by Ken Parent, Vice President, Insulectro. 

Leadership Subcommittee
The mission of the Leadership Subcommittee is to identify emerging issues that impact the PCB Suppliers and their customers that would benefit from the attention of the IPC Suppliers Council, whether it be government, environmental technical or business issues. The Council will then work with the appropriate group within the IPC to develop and initiative to address the issues.

Process Consumable Statistical Subcommittee
This subcommittee sponsors a global quarterly statistical program that measures sales of process consumables by product category and by region. The Process Consumables Subcommittee is chaired by Michael Carano, VP Technology and Business Development, RBP Chemical Technology Inc.

The IPC EXPO Trade Show Subcommittee
The charter of this committee is to guide the development of this trade show by establishing policies, programs and rules that ensure IPC APEX EXPO is cost-effective, focused, and fair. IPC APEX EXPO will be the preeminent conference and exhibition focused on the printed board industry. The Trade Show Subcommittee is chaired by Don Walsh, Director of Operations, Uyemura International Corp.

If interested in submitting a self nomination to be appointed to this committee, please contact AliciaBalonek@ipc.org.

IPC EXPO Trade Show Subcommittee Roster

PCB Suppliers Code of Ethics Council
The IPC PCB Suppliers Council is a group of IPC members dedicated to enhancing the success of companies which service the PCB industry and the electronics industry supply chain, while adhering to high ethical standards. Toward that end, the council has set forth this code of ethics for its members. Every member of the council agrees to accept and comply with this code in order to fulfill their obligations to the public, to their customers and to the industry they serve. View the PCB Suppliers Code of Ethics (.pdf)

PCB Suppliers Code of Ethics Council (.pdf)

PCB Suppliers Council Steering Committee

IPC Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association (SMEMA)

The mission statement of the IPC SMEMA council is to further the competitive excellence and financial success of suppliers to the electronics assembly industry, specifically equipment manufacturers, and their customers.  The council initiates and drives an agenda of technical, managerial, and financial programs that enhance the efficiency of the interface between suppliers to the electronics assembly industry and their customers. 

IPC SMEMA Council Steering Committee Roster

To accomplish its mission, the IPC SMEMA Council Steering Committee is organized into subcommittees which include:

IPC APEX Trade Show Subcommittee
The mission of the council and subcommittee is to produce the premier conference and exhibition for the electronics assembly industry.  The exhibition will be held annually and will be organized to provide a cost-effective, fair and efficient forum for user/supplier dialogue.

IPC APEX Trade Show Subcommittee Roster

SMEMA Statistical Subcommittee
This subcommittee guides the quarterly global statistical program on assembly equipment sales by region and product type. The subcommittee is open to all companies that participate in this statistical program. It is chaired by Bill Loving, President & CEO, ScanCAD International, Inc.

The IPC SMEMA Council Counterfeit Parts and Software Subcommittee
This subcommittee, whose members include Bob Black, Juki Automation; Scott Koizumi, Speedline Technologies; and Jack Rozwat, Agilent Technologies, is intend to provide the electronics assembly equipment industry with tools and techniques to combat counterfeit and inferior parts and software.

IPC SMEMA Council's Position on Counterfeit and Inferior Parts and Unlicensed Software

IPC SMEMA Council Anti-Counterfeiting Tool Kit

Other Resources
IPC SMEMA Council Standards

Solder Products Value Council

Solder Statistical Subcommittee
This subcommittee guides the quarterly global Solder Statistical Program and is open to all companies that participate in the program. The subcommittee is chaired by Leigh Gesick, Director of US Operations, Inventec Performance Chemicals.

EMS Management Council

The EMS Management Council helps manufacturers of electronic assemblies be more productive and profitable. Its steering committee provides leadership in identifying and developing financial, managerial and technical programs to meet the needs of EMS companies and their customers. The EMS Management Council is chaired by Mark Wolfe of Phoenix International. The EMS Management Council Steering Committee meets twice a year to discuss and exchange ideas on industry issues and how IPC can best serve the EMS industry.

EMS Management Council Steering Committee Roster