IPC EDGE Certificate Courses

Certificate courses are a great way to ensure institutional knowledge about ESD, Soldering, IPC Standards and the Operator level training. Whether new employees learning manufacturing safety and processes for the first time or experienced technicians that need a refresher, IPC EDGE Certificate courses provide a self-paced, online experience developed using learning research that helps employees actively engage and implement this valuable information in your organization.

Certificate courses are designed by instructional designers and subject matter experts from the electronics industry to focus on the learning the industry wants and needs. Courses consist of video presentations, clear text, detailed illustrations, interactive activities, and practice quizzes, all formulated to make even the most complex topics easy-to-understand and master.

When an industry can leave billions of dollars on the table because of a lack of understanding of ESD, IPC recognizes that companies need a standard training course that all employees complete and implement in a production environment.
IPC’s first self-paced, online training course is now available. Companies are already adding our ESD for Electronics Assembly course to their required training curriculum. The course is also available for a la carte purchase. Review the course details and register.

IPC continues to develop new EDGE Certificate courses. New courses are coming soon.

Competencies Launching
Electrostatic Discharge Certificate Available
Soldering Electronics IPC Level, I Fall 2019
Electronics Assembly Operator Spring 2020
Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Operator Fall 2020
IPC Standard Expert Operator  
              JSTD-001 Description Fall 2020
              IPC-A-610 Description Fall 2020
              IPC-A-600 Description Fall 2020

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