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Welcome to IPC Design!

IPC Design is a global network of printed board design engineering affiliates.

Affiliates are printed board design engineers from around the world who are dedicated to achieving the key goals of IPC Design: technical networking, continuous learning, engagement with academia, and the advancement of the art and science of printed design engineering.

If you would like to join IPC Design as an affiliate, please visit the enrollment page.

How is IPC Design different than the IPC Design Council?

It’s coming closer to home. IPC Design is led by IPC. This choice was to ensure that design is an integral and central part of IPC’s mission to help its members build their electronics better. IPC can better adapt its programs by being in control of the resources that it offers to Design Chapters.

There has been a change in leadership structure. Industry professionals are integral to the new program. IPC Design is advised by the Design Community Leadership – a global group of seven (7) design engineers who represent a diverse set of markets. These design engineers work with IPC to hone the content IPC produces for its designers. They collect feedback from the industry as it relates to IPC Design and printed board design engineering in general.

What is different about IPC Design?

IPC Design consist of affiliates – printed board design engineers from around the world who join IPC Design to better themselves, their colleagues, and industry at large. Other than locking a designer into one method of affiliation, IPC Design offers a few ways to get involved – by affiliating with an IPC Design chapter, as an individual affiliate, as part of a company or organization group, or as a member of a collegiate organization focusing on STEM and electrical engineering.

IPC Design incorporates the ‘3C’s’ of professional development – Content, Competition, and Career.

IPC Design utilizes a collaborative content model. Each affiliate and/or affiliate is responsible to populate IPC Design’s cloud platform with content – media regarding printed board design engineering or relevant electrical engineering and technology topics – so that other affiliates can benefit from their expertise.

IPC will also create content that is available for affiliates.

IPC is working on an International Board Design and Layout Competition. This competition will challenge professionals and students alike as they compete to take home the grand prize at APEX 2021.

More details regarding the competition will be released soon.  

And above all, IPC Design cares about your career – connect with your colleagues at events and training that will better equip you to advance in industry.

What can I expect next from IPC Design?

IPC and Design Community Leadership are  working with industry experts on new design engineering curricula and content that will be made available to affiliates and affiliate groups as soon as it is ready to publish. It’s IPC’s goal to push consistent and relevant content to affiliates.

IPC will be establishing partnerships between IPC Education Foundation Student Chapters and affiliates and affiliate groups to help create a flow of new designer engineers into the workforce. This will also give you and your company an opportunity to identify the best new talent, as well as to give back to the industry by sharing your time and expertise.

The most important new content for IPC Design is what you think is relevant and necessary!  To get in contact with Design Community Leadership and make suggestions by emailing Design@ipc.org.

Who can I talk to about questions I have?

Please email Design@IPC.org with any questions about IPC Design.

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