IPC Councils and Management Committees

IPC Management Committees For Industry Executives
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IPC is not just for "techies." In addition to the Technical Committees, IPC has several Management Committees made up of senior level executives from all segments of the industry dedicated to developing projects and programs for those who are responsible for making strategic business decisions. 

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PCB Management Council
The PCB Management Council provides opportunities for presidents and senior level managers of printed board manufacturing companies to exchange ideas and identifies and disseminates information about trends and issues.

PCB Suppliers Management Council
The PCB Suppliers Management Council's objective is to identify and execute programs to enhance the competitive position of IPC member companies that supply equipment and materials to the printed circuit board industry. The PCB Suppliers Management Council Steering Committee consists of several Subcommittees that help the Council meet its many goals. New Subcommittees are created as new industry needs are identified. The PCB Suppliers Management Council is chaired by Rick Lies of Chemcut Corporation.

IPC Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association Council (SMEMA)
The Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association (SMEMA) merged with IPC in 1999. IPC SMEMA Council is now composed of all the leading equipment manufacturers to the electronics assembly industry. The council, through its steering committee, initiates and drives technical, managerial, and financial programs to enhance the electronics assembly industry.

EMS Management Council
The EMS Management Council helps manufacturers of electronic assemblies be more productive and profitable. Its steering committee provides leadership in identifying and developing financial, managerial and technical programs to meet the needs of EMS companies and their customers. The EMS Management Council is chaired by Mark Wolfe of Phoenix International. The EMS Management Council Steering Committee meets twice a year to discuss and exchange ideas on industry issues and how IPC can best serve the EMS industry.

IPC Design
Representation, certification, education: just for PCB designers.

Solder Products Value Council
In support of IPC’s Mission Statement, IPC solder manufacturers recognize that the PCB and electronics assembly industries, comprised of the entire supply chain, must grow profitably. The Solder Products Value Council’s objective is to identify and execute programs designed to enhance the competitive position of solder manufacturers and their customers.

Materials from the Solder Products Value Council April 2011 Management Meeting

OEM Critical Components Council

IPC Consultants Council