IPC Copper Mirrors for Flux Corrosion List

IPC-TM-650, Method 2.3.32, Flux Induced Corrosion (Copper Mirror Method), defines the procedure for determining the removal effect (if any) of flux on bright copper mirror film which has been vacuum deposited on clear glass.

The following vendors provide copper coated glass slides (mirrors) applicable to this test method.  This list is non-comprehensive and is not guaranteed by IPC to be fully accurate, nor are any of the vendors listed endorsed by IPC or members of the IPC 5-24a Flux Specification Task Group.  This list is dynamic and IPC recognizes that other capable equipment providers may exist and will be included as IPC is notified.

Vendor Model Web site
EMF Corp. CU134 or CU136 https://www.emf-corp.com/copper-slides.html

If you are familiar with another equipment provider whose copper mirrors/slides meet the requirements of IPC-TM-650, Method 2.3.32, IPC encourages your input. Please provide your name, e-mail address, and company name when providing a written e-mail to JohnPerry@ipc.org.


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