IPC-2221B Gerber Coupon Generator Subscription Service


Getting a migraine from drafting and fabricating test coupon samples that are truly representative of the complex HDI and microvia structures that are prevalent throughout today’s printed board designs? IPC has the right prescription for you - take advantage of the IPC-2221B Gerber Coupon Generator that is exclusively available to IPC member companies! The IPC-2221B Gerber Coupon Generator subscription service is the only service providing new, industry approved test coupons. IPC compliant test coupons address blind, buried, stacked and staggered via structures. Don’t wait, purchase a subscription to the Gerber Coupon Generator now and start using and creating these new test coupons and get ahead of the competition.

A Little History:

IPC is focused on supporting the electronics industry and IPC member companies with the most current standards and products available today. To keep our member companies current with best practices in the electronics industry, IPC is offering a subscription service for generating Gerber files for the fabrication of updated test coupons necessary to meet current board design technologies.

The IPC-2221B, Generic Standard on Printed Board Designs, Appendix A test coupon designs were created to provide structural integrity verification when used for the acceptance of production lots of printed boards in accordance with IPC-6010 printed board performance series specifications. The most commonly used test coupons (AB, AB/R, and D) for product acceptance to these IPC specifications were released in 2016. We have now supplemented this tool with important additional features and new test coupons:

  • Updated “B” and “D” Coupon designs that support not only through-hole but also stacked and staggered (a.k.a. “propagated”) structures featuring blind and buried vias
  • Designated sections of the “B” coupon for both registration and structural integrity evaluations
  • The new “H” Coupon design for evaluating Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR)
  • The new “S” Coupon design for evaluating through-hole solderability
  • The new “P” Coupon design for evaluating the peel strength of outer layer metallic foils
  • The new “E” Coupon design for evaluating moisture and insulation resistance of laminated base materials
  • The new “W” Coupon design for evaluating surface mount land/pad solderability

Additional coupon designs for surface mount solderability testing, moisture and insulation resistance (MIR) testing of laminated base materials and solder mask adhesion testing are slated for release later this year, and will be incorporated into your subscription service free of additional charge.


Among the features of the IPC-2221B Gerber Coupon Generator subscription service is a simple, easy-to-use “Design Parameters/Input File,” that utilizes an auto quality check feature. This ensures design rules for the test designs established in IPC-2221B are automatically maintained before the Gerber Files are generated.  What used to take hours to generate Gerber files from the CAD/CAM user will now only take minutes, thus freeing up the CAD/CAM user to work on other designs.

The IPC-2221B Gerber Coupon Generator is available to IPC Members only, as an annual subscription service solution, meeting current printed board design parameters to generate Gerber Files of IPC-2221B test coupon designs at any time. This allows users to generate coupons when they want, and as often as they need them.

Bottom Line:

In the end, this cost-effective service provides an easy and straightforward way to obtain Gerber File Test Coupons that are compliant to industry approved IPC-2221B designs. It updates best practices for modern fabrication and automates testing for increased quality assurance.

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