General Requirements to Become an Authorized Training and Certification Center

There are several requirements to be an IPC Authorized Training Center. The general requirements are the same regardless of the program, but the application documents are tailored to each standard–based or designer certification program.

  1. Get pre-approved by IPC certification Director/VP.
    Some of the considerations including:
    • The physical location (not nearby an existing public IPC training center)
    • Market evaluation in the area
    • Applicant/company evaluation
  2. Have at least one experienced Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) on staff that will be designated as a Master IPC Trainer (MIT). 
  3. Have IPC Membership (contact for application information and benefits).
  4. Purchase and use the industry-approved materials directly from IPC.
  5. Execute the license legal agreement and pay the appropriate license fees.
    • Current training center license fee structure:
      • One-time center license setting up fee -- $10,000 due with the master license agreement
      • Annual license fees per each program (such as IPC-A-610, J-STD-001, etc.): $1000 - public training center (per location site), $1500 – private (internal) training center

For further information or to request a Site Application Packet(s), please email to, phone +1 847-597-2802, or by mail to IPC, 3000 Lakeside Dr., Suite 105N, Bannockburn, IL 60015.


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