2021 New Membership Model FAQ

What is different about IPC membership beginning January 1, 2021?
IPC has simplified membership by offering a company revenue-based model instead of site-based. Now all employees in every location of a member company will be able to access IPC membership benefits.

What is the new annual membership dues structure?
The new dues structure is based on the company’s global annual revenue in equivalent US ($).  Learn more…

Why are there two separate membership dues schedules: Company and Company using an IPC Standards Subscription?
Purchasing a subscription to IPC standards is available through select IPC authorized distributors and requires an IPC membership. A subscription provides convenient access to a wide variety of IPC standards to users at discounted rates and adheres to a separate member dues schedule (in addition to the cost of the subscription.)

What if my membership term started before the company-based model is introduced on January 1, 2021?
The new dues rate will take effect upon your renewal notice in 2021 or in subsequent years if you had a 2 or 3-year membership term.

What if my company has site-based membership for multiple sites with different membership dates?
A company with multiple sites expiring on different dates will renew to the company model upon the earliest renewal date. Please email the Member Support team if you have questions about consolidating your existing member sites into a company membership at Contact.Us@ipc.org

Will site-based membership be available after January 1, 2021?
As of January 1, 2021, IPC will no longer offer site-based membership.

With the new membership model, how will the member benefits change?
With company-based membership, all company sites and all employees globally can utilize IPC membership.  As an IPC member, your company can engage in global government relations and environmental policy advocacy, participate in standards development, save up to 50% on IPC standards purchases, plus up to 25% discount on training and education, receive complimentary admission to exclusive webinars, enjoy special pricing for all official IPC events and participate in statistical program and other industry intelligence studies. In addition, your company is eligible to receive complimentary copies of newly released or revised IPC standards. The number of users to receive free documents is based on your company membership dues. View the Free Member document chart.

Does the 50% first-time first-year discount apply to company-based membership?
Yes. Sign up as a new IPC member and get 50% off your first year’s membership. Past membership will be verified upon receipt of your application.   

Does the multi-year discount apply to company-based membership?
Yes.  Sign up for multiple years and save!  Receive a 15% discount on a three-year membership and a 10% discount on a two-year membership.  Discounts apply when multi-year membership is purchased on the same order.   

Under the new company-based IPC membership, will I continue to receive membership to WHMA?
Yes, WHMA membership is included with IPC membership.