E-Mail Forum Participation Rules:

As an e-mail forum subscriber, there are two kinds of activities you can perform:

  • Post an e-mail message to the forum, or
  • Administer your subscription status

Posting to the forum:

To send a message to all the people currently subscribed to the forum, just send mail to <forum name>@ipc.org .

NOTE: Use the e-mail forum name you want to reach in place of the <forum name> string in the above instructions.


TO: <forum name>@ipc.org
SUBJECT: <your subject>
MESSAGE: <your message>

Please note that sometimes you may receive non-delivery notification messages from users on the forum who are having problems with their mail systems. These messages are sent to you by default as to the originator of the message, and can be safely ignored. As long as you receive the notification of the message distribution to the forum from the server (LISTSERV@ipc.org), there is no reason to be concerned about your message not being delivered to the forum.

IPC E-Mail Forums Archives
Searchable database of every posting to the IPC E-Mail Forums from 1995 until present.


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