Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) is a comprehensive overhaul of consumer product safety laws. CPSIA regulates the lead content, third party testing, tracking labels and many others for all products manufactured and sold in the United States intended for children.

As a result of IPC's efforts, the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) interim rule and the January 15 proposed rules clarify that the lead contained within electronics parts is indeed inaccessible to children. The CPSC has recognized that lead in component parts of electronic devices are not accessible to children because the lead is fully enclosed within the components that are themselves within the electronic device. Because the CPSC now considers parts contained in electronic products inaccessible by children, the interim rule exempts electronic components in children's products from the lead level requirements of 600 ppm.

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IPC Efforts

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  1. Section 101: Children's Products Containing Lead; Lead Paint Rule (.pdf)
  2. Section 102: Certificate Requirements (.pdf)
  3. Section 101: Accessible Component Parts (.pdf)
  4. Section 101: Electronic Devices (.pdf)
  5. Section 108: Draft Guidance (.pdf)