Certified IPC Trainer (CIT)

CITs may be employees of companies that train only within their parent company. Faculty members of education and training institutions, such as technical schools or community colleges that train a variety of current and future workers. Members of a Licensed Training Center when that individual has not yet met the criteria for being an MIT. Independent consultants who work with a variety of companies. Conductors of CIS or CID training for any organization that desires such training and in accordance with the Policies and Procedures defined by IPC.

CITs are authorized to deliver and administer CIS or CID / CID+ training and certification examinations to individuals who wish to gain IPC Certification. Certification will be granted by IPC to any individual who successfully completes the required Program and/or passes the minimum skills measurement criteria set by each Program’s Technical Training Committee. This will include, as a minimum, passing all required examination(s) and, as defined in the Program, may require acceptable completion of specific workmanship demonstrations. All examination(s) are required to be delivered and administered through the Online Certification Portal.

CITs whose certifications have expired are not authorized by IPC to conduct CIS or CID / CID+ training, grant CIS or CID / CID+ certification or purchase CIS or CID / CID+ training materials until they have recertified.

Any CITs may be periodically observed during class instruction by IPC staff or MITs to ensure that quality of instruction is maintained.


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