Certified IPC Specialist (CIS)

CIS training and certification is appropriate for any individual that will benefit by having a consistent understanding of the criteria in a standard. Line operators, engineers, quality engineers will find this training and certification beneficial for their knowledge in the electronics industry.

Separate CIS credentials are required for each certification Program. The Programs will train, test and certify in the correct application of the criteria for all acceptance classes. CIS certification may be granted by either a CIT or MIT for that Program.

CIS training is modular. The Technical Training Committee for each Program will define the course module(s) that are mandatory or optional for that Program. Upon successful completion of the mandatory modules, optional modules maybe selected as appropriate to support various technology segments. 

Training to an addendum to any IPC standard is revision specific. In order to be certified to an addendum the candidate must be certified to the same revision document that is modified by the addendum (e.g. to become certified to J-STD-001G Space, the candidate must first be certified to J-STD-001G).

The CIS certificates include endorsement blocks for each module of instruction. The completion dates for each module will be automatically populated by the online test system. The certification expiration date established by the mandatory module(s) will be applicable to all optional modules, regardless of when the optional module training and certification was granted.


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